Resources are one of the key aspects of the game. There are many different resources which all have a different purpose. Some have a very wide usability while other resources can be used only in narrow part of the game.

Main Resources

Main resources can be used in many parts of the game.

Coins Coins Coins are one of the most common resources which are needed for variety of things, like recruiting units, constructing buildings, doing research, etc.
Supplies Supplies Like coins, supplies are one of the most common resources which are needed for variety of things, like recruiting units, constructing buildings, doing research, etc.
Goods Goods Goods is an umbrella term which means that there are many types of different goods available. Each era introduces five new goods, the total is 75. Goods are needed to build Great Buildings, to do research, to advance in the continent map, etc.
Forge Forge Points Forge points are one of the most important resources because it dictates how fast the player can advance. Players very rarely have abundance of forge points without a plan to use them. Forge points are mainly used for research or to level Great Buildings.
Medals Medals Medals are common resource which main purpose is to expand the city.

City Resources

City resources dictate how much players can build and how well the buildings function.

Expansionicon Expansions Expansions are needed to gain more space for further buildings in your city. Some consider land the most precious resource. Each expansions gives a players cities Size 4x4 tiles to build onto. Expansions can not be moved once placed
Population Population Population is mostly provided by residential buildings. Many other types of buildings need to have some population available to be built.
Happiness Happiness Happiness affects the coin and supply production of the buildings. When city gains population the same amount of happiness is needed to keep the balance. Failing to do so will lessen the coin and supply production of the city. On the other hand it is possible to increase the standard productions by providing abundance of happiness.

Other Resouces

There are some other resources which have a fairly narrow and specific range of usability.

Blueprint Blueprints Blueprints are needed to build and level Great Buildings.
Tavern Silver Tavern Silver Tavern silver is a resource mainly accumulated from the Friends Tavern. It is used to purchase different boosts from the Friends Tavern.

Premium Resource

Premium resources can be bought with real life money which allows players to advance faster from the normal phase.

Diamonds Diamonds Diamonds are the only premium resource of the game. This is the resource that can be bought with real life money and can be used in most aspects of the game.

Event Resources

Many events introduce a specific resource(s) which are only available during the event itself. The way of acquiring those resources varies from event to event but mostly they are awarded for completing event quests. Those resources can be traded in for rewards or are used an an intermediate to procure items which may give the rewards.

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