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"Your jester Rinbin is responsible for getting people into a good mood. He will entertain you with wit and wisdom. But beware - he will also play practical jokes on you and his fellow advisors. He'll never really hurt you, though, and you can rest assured that he will be at your side when it gets tough, giving you valuable hints."

Rinbin, also known as the Jester, gives side quests, most of which are related to doing somewhat absurd things; however, the rewards can sometimes be very rewarding. These quests can often be aborted. Often his quests are presented in a series which may or may not be one after the other which in the end generally result in a big/precious reward. Sometimes, he tricks you into giving away gold for small awards.


Gallery of Rinbin
During Bronze Age to Iron Age During Early Middle Ages to High Middle Ages During Late Middle Ages During Colonial Age
During Industrial Age During Progressive Era During Modern Era During Postmodern Era
During Contemporary Era During Tomorrow Era During Future Era and Arctic Future During Oceanic Future
During Virtual Future During Space Age Mars During Space Age Asteroid Belt During Space Age Venus
During Summer Events During the 2014 FoE Soccer Cup Event During Easter Events During the Historical Questline: Arthur Conan Doyle

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