The Road to Victory (RoV) is a special building released as a rewards for participating in the top two leagues of Guild Battlegrounds. It is classed as a decoration and provides happiness and can be polished.

The building comes in three variants - they only have visual differences though.

Fragments of the Road to Victory may be won from the Guild Battleground Rewards.

Chain Bonus[edit | edit source]

ChainRV.png If the Road to Victory is properly chained to a Statue of Honor, a Goods 5 goods bonus and a Defense boost for attacking army 5% defense boost for the attacking army is added to the Statue. The goods are from the road's age. The number of Roads to Victory that can be chained to a single Statue of Honor is only limited by city space and availability of the Road to Victory.

Provides[edit | edit source]

Age Happiness Happiness/Size ChainRV.png if chained to Statue of Honor
Defense boost for attacking army
ChainRV.png if chained to Statue of Honor
BA +210 +35 5% 5
IA +300 +50
EMA +360 +60
HMA +450 +75
LMA +510 +85
CA +600 +100
INA +680 +113
PE +750 +125
ME +850 +142
PME +960 +160
CE +1,120 +187
TE +1,390 +232
FE +1,670 +278
AF +1,890 +315
OF +2,130 +355
VF +2,680 +447
SAM +4,180 +697
SAAB +4,540 +757
SAV +4,900 +817

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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