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Roads are essentially a city's 'power lines'. With the exception of decorations, all buildings must be touching a road that is connected to the Town Hall in order to produce coins, supplies, train military units, etc. Any building not touching a road with at least one of its edges will display a graphic of a broken chain above it and will cease all productivity. For players' convenience, roads may be replaced with roads of a different type by simply building over the existing road with no need to delete/sell it first. However, roads also give nothing back when sold so try to preserve them as much as possible when placing/moving buildings rather than destroying and replacing them.

Two lane roads[]

In the Progressive Era and beyond, some buildings will require a two-lane street instead of an ordinary road; a single-lane road cannot be used to connect these buildings and will be ignored by them. On the other hand, a street can be used to connect any building, even those that only require an ordinary road. Streets are quite expensive to place and require a lot of space, so careful planning should be taken to maximize their effectiveness. It should also be mentioned that, although a road may touch a street and use that to connect to the Town Hall, the opposite is not true - a street must always connect to the Town Hall directly. If a street is not connected directly to the Town Hall, it may not be used to connect buildings that require one but will still function as a normal road. On top of that, individual streets may only be connected to one street on any single side. This can make turning difficult, as streets cannot be built 'between' squares when building in a direction away from the rest of the street.


When placing roads, the most efficient strategy is to use long straight lines and to place buildings along the roads with their short sides touching them. Arrange your buildings in rows or columns two buildings wide, and place roads on both sides of each row/column. A road with many twists, turns, and dead ends, or a building with roads touching more than half of its edges, is considered inefficient and should be avoided by players wishing to make the best use of their building space. When placing streets, keep in mind their special restrictions outlined above as well.

For more tips on how to layout roads refer to the Guide to maximising space

Road types[]

Observe that all ages don't have new road types

Road required / Two-lane street connection required
Building Cost Happiness
Coins Supplies Diamonds
Stone Age Trail (1x1) 0 0 0 0 Stone Age
Bronze Age Path (1x1) 20 30 0 5 Paths
Iron Age Gravel Road (1x1) 50 75 0 10 Fortification
Iron Age Paved Road (1x1) 0 0 10 25 Iron Age
Early Middle Ages Cobbled Road (1x1) 100 300 0 15 Police
High Middle Ages Rough Paved Road (1x1) 300 700 0 20 Signposting
Colonial Age Brick Road (1x1) 0 0 12 45 Colonial Age
Colonial Age Paved Lane (1x1) 900 2,400 0 25 Colonies
Industrial Age Sett Paved Road (1x1) 1,800 4,500 0 30 Modern Roads
Progressive Era Avenue (2x2) 0 0 18 60 Progressive Era
Progressive Era Promenade (1x1) 2,500 6,500 0 35 Traffic Lanes
Progressive Era Tarmac Road (2x2) 10,000 25,000 0 0 Traffic Lanes
Modern Era Alley (1x1) 3,200 9,000 0 40 Baby Boom
Modern Era Motorway (2x2) 12,500 35,000 0 10 Autobahns
Postmodern Era Walkway (1x1) 4,000 11,000 0 45 Species Conservation
Postmodern Era Boulevard (2x2) 16,000 45,000 0 20 Private Transport
Future Era Solar Walkway (1x1) 10,000 25,000 0 90 Solar Roads
Future Era Solar Roadway (2x2) 40,000 100,000 0 40 Solar Roads
Arctic Future Arctic Sideway (1x1) 20,000 50,000 0 120 Improved Logistics
Arctic Future Arctic Street (2x2) 80,000 200,000 0 60 Improved Logistics
Oceanic Future Alloy Walkway (1x1) 40,000 75,000 0 150 Subaquatic Filters
Oceanic Future Aqua Highway (2x2) 150,000 350,000 0 75 High Range Sonar
Oceanic Future Oceanic Sidewalk (1x1) 0 0 20 200 Oceanic Future
Oceanic Future Oceanic Canal (2x2) 0 0 35 100 Oceanic Future
Virtual Future Energy Preserving Road (1x1) 50,000 90,000 0 175 Energy Preserving Surfaces
Virtual Future Noise-Cancelling Highway (2x2) 180,000 400,000 0 90 Noise-Cancelling Concrete
Virtual Future Sakura Path (1x1) 0 0 20 300 Virtual Future
Virtual Future Sakura Street (2x2) 0 0 35 150 Virtual Future
Space Age Mars Guided Street (2x2) 200,000 440,000 0 140 Neural Augmented Frameworks
Space Age Mars Mars Soil Path (1x1) 60,000 110,000 0 250 Mars Infrastructure
Space Age Asteroid Belt Automated Street (2x2) 250,000 480,000 0 180 Aerogel Concrete
Space Age Asteroid Belt Conveyor Path (1x1) 80,000 120,000 0 300 Two Dimensional Magnetic Crystals
Space Age Venus Venus Timber Walk (1x1) 85,000 125,000 0 320 Advanced Aviation Control
Space Age Venus Low-Grav Street (2x2) 275,000 520,000 0 200 Advanced Aviation Control
Space Age Jupiter Moon Juno Cobble Walk (1x1) 95,000 135,000 0 340 Spectral Shields
Space Age Jupiter Moon Aqueous Street (2x2) 300,000 560,000 0 220 Bioluminescent Radiation