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The Rogue is a special light military unit released during the 2013 Easter Event. They can be won as unattached units, or trained in a Rogue Hideout or a Rogue Den if they are present in your city, or produced in an Alcatraz as unattached units.

The Rogue itself has 100 damage, 1 defense, 1 range and 14 movement. They have no bonuses, but they possess the special ability of secret identity.

Usage on the Battlefield[]

A rogue is designed around its secret identity ability, which is triggered by one attack from any enemy unit. Its special ability is to transform into another unit. Another thing to note is that rogues will always move last in the battlefield.

However given the opportunity to attack before transforming can be powerful in the early ages. The rogue is considerably strong in the game until the Progressive Era, when the 1.5 battlefield map seriously limits their movement and are very strong attackers until the Postmodern Era where units have much better defense. However, that does not mean the rogue is totally useless in higher ages, as explained later.

Upon being attacked, the rogue will either take zero damage and transform into another unit on your army or die if there are no other units (including transformed rogues) left or if there are only untransformed rogues left on the battlefield.

The Rogue’s transformation is very useful as they take zero damage as they transform. If played carefully with one or two original units and six or seven rogues, the rogues can absorb the damage and transform into the unit without receiving damage. They are also an effective duplicator for higher era units, as they can be transformed into the higher era units resulting in an entire army of that unit when transformed.

Another thing to note is that the AI when plundering and in Guild Expeditions and Guild Battlegrounds will target your untransformed rogues first. However this may not be the case in the PvP Arena and on the Continent Map. To make sure that the AI targets the rogues first, simply move your real unit out of enemy range and push your rogues forward.

Units Best Paired with Rogues[]

Some units are much better paired with or without rogues than other units, especially in the Progressive Era and beyond, where rogues do not have as much mobility.

Units that are very good when paired with rogues after the Progressive Era include:

  • Contact! units - these units when transformed will take no damage and can retaliate when they are attacked. If you can two hit kill the enemy units, using rogues with these are very efficient and you will almost always have a clean victory. This generally works well if the AI targets rogues first, though it can still be done even if the AI doesn't. Good examples of these include the MG Team and Anti-Aircraft Vehicle.
  • Stealth units - most notably the Stealth Tank and Hover Tank. If the unit is hidden, you can ensure that all your rogues are transformed even if the AI doesn't target rogues first, as all AIs will generally prefer to attack visible rogues than hidden units.

Transformed Rogues[]

A transformed rogue will appear as a different unit on the battlefield. It will take on all characteristics and abilities of the unit it becomes. It's possible to differentiate a transformed rogue from regular units by looking at the unit properties. One will notice the secret identity ability in the properties of a unit which no longer takes on the appearance of a rogue. But the unit with secret identity is a rogue.

Whatever the rogue transforms into during battle, it will untransform itself as a rogue after battle. In your army management it will still be a rogue. In each and every consecutive attack, it will be a rogue at the beginning of battle. This means a rogue will start in the second wave of a two-wave battle as a rogue in Guild Expeditions and Guild Battlegrounds.

Damage and hit points[]

A transformed rogue sustains its damaged after the battle. Each hit point takes 2 hours and 24 minutes to heal (but can be reduced by guild level). If a rogue is sent into battle with reduced hit points, the damage will be carried over to the unit it transforms into (obviously).

Obtaining Rogues[]

Rogues and the Rogue Hideout are featured in most of the events. The Rogue Hideout is also possible to obtain as a reward in the Daily Challenges and from the Challenger's Chest after filling its progress bar.

Rogues can be obtained from:

  • Rogue Hideout/Den
  • Daily Challenges
  • Weekly Challenge (Completing 7 Daily Challenges successfully)
  • Events
  • GE (Guild Expedition) when you have ToR (Temple of Relics)
  • GBG (Guild Battlegrounds)
  • Alcatraz (You must have a Rogue Hideout/Den in your kingdom)
  • AD (Antique Dealer)
  • HC (Himeji Castle)
  • Flying Island
  • Space Carrier


Two Rogues

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Legend: Light Units.png= Light Unit Class Ranged Units.png= Ranged Unit Class Artillery Units.png= Artillery Unit Class Heavy Units.png= Heavy Unit Class Fast Units.png= Fast Unit Class