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The Sakura Rock is a special decoration building released during the 2017 Spring Event. Sakura Rock is part of the Cherry Garden Set.

2018 Spring Event released the Sakura Rock Selection Kit which allowed to upgrade the Sakura Rock to level 2, thus improving its properties.

Sakura Rock comes with the special set bonus. The amount of happiness and attack boost depends on the buildings age and to how many other Cherry Garden Set buildings it is adjacent to.

Set Bonus[]

For more information see the Set Bonuses.

Sakura Rock comes with the special set bonus. When it is adjacent to other buildings belonging to the Cherry Garden Set the properties of the building are improved.


Sakura Rock Upgrade Kit

The Sakura Rock can be upgraded by Sakura Rock Upgrade Kit item. To upgrade the Sakura Rock, use the Sakura Rock Upgrade item on the Sakura Rock that is already situated in your city. Its upgraded version will then be placed directly on the same spot in your city and the production timer will not be reset. Note that the upgraded building will be from your current era, even if the old one was from one of the earlier ages.


Sakura Rock will produce the following effects. Base effects will always be produced. Bonus effects are determined by how many other unique Cherry Garden Set buildings it is connected to.

Age Happiness Happiness/Size Cherry garden.png 1st Bonus
Cherry garden.png 2nd Bonus
Attack Boost for Attacker.png
Cherry garden.png 3rd Bonus
Attack Boost for Attacker.png
BA +200 +33 +240 2% 3%
IA +260 +43 +310
EMA +280 +47 +340
HMA +320 +53 +380
LMA +350 +58 +420
CA +410 +68 +490
INA +470 +78 +560
PE +510 +85 +610
ME +550 +92 +660
PME +570 +95 +680
CE +660 +110 +790
TE +810 +135 +970
FE +970 +162 +1,160
AF +1,130 +188 +1,360
OF +1,300 +217 +1,560
VF +1,550 +258 +1,860
SAM +2,480 +413 +2,980
SAAB +2,700 +450 +3,240
SAV +2,920 +487 +3,500

Age Happiness Happiness/Size Cherry garden.png 1st Bonus
Cherry garden.png 2nd Bonus
Attack Boost for Attacker.png
Cherry garden.png 3rd Bonus
Attack Boost for Attacker.png
BA +340 +57 +410 4% 6%
IA +580 +97 +700
EMA +640 +107 +770
HMA +720 +120 +860
LMA +800 +133 +960
CA +940 +157 +1,130
INA +1,060 +177 +1,270
PE +1,170 +195 +1,400
ME +1,250 +208 +1,500
PME +1,300 +217 +1,560
CE +1,510 +252 +1,810
TE +1,830 +305 +2,200
FE +2,200 +367 +2,640
AF +2,560 +427 +3,070
OF +2,950 +492 +3,540
VF +3,530 +588 +4,240
SAM +5,650 +942 +6,780
SAAB +6,140 +1,023 +7,370
SAV +6,630 +1,105 +7,960


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