Your Grace!

Do you remember that scam I fell for recently? Well, afterwards I felt ashamed for a while, but I figured it would make for a great story. I was right. People love the story and laugh about it. And at me. I am a constant guest at talk shows.


  • HappinessMake people enthusiastic


Your Grace!

Ha! Once again I was able to triumph in the end! I turned this scam shame into a great success! Everybody knows my name now! I am the laughing stock of [player's city name]! I love it!


  • 50 Diamonds

Additional Information

Note: If your people are already enthusiastic when you get this quest you will not be able to see the completion text unless you reload the game first.

Skippable: YES

Previous Quest: A Prince in Need

Next quest: Another Contemporary Era Side quest or More Work

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