This quest is given only if ALL of Sheik Al-Rais' sectors taken over up to this point has been peaceful (i.e. by negotiation).


Your Grace!

Oh... it is... I don't know... Can you believe this? Sheik Al-Rais proposed to me! He wants me to become his wife! What shall I say?


  • PRBU Finish 10 productions in production buildings from your age or 18 from the previous age
  • REBU Build 3 buildings from your age


Your Grace!

I met Al-Rais. To talk with him about his proposal. To be honest - I was even considering saying 'yes', but then I learned that he already is married. To nine wives! I did not feel like becoming wife number ten and refused him!


  • 9 Genome Data
  • 9 Renewable Resources

Additional Information

Abortable: NO

Previous Quest: Sheik's Sorrow

Next Quest: The Sheik's Scare

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