The text of this quest has two versions, depending on whether Sheik Al-Rais' sectors were taken over peacefully or by force.


Your Grace!

By force: Now that you control all the provinces of Sheik Al-Rais it is time to move on. I bet the sheik is not too unhappy about you being in charge now. Let's face what lies ahead of us!

Peaceful: Now that the sheik turned over control of his country to us it is time to move on. Al-Rais was relieved that he does not have to face the responsibilities of running a country anymore. Now you have to face what lies ahead of us.



Your Grace!

The contrast couldn't be bigger. We are leaving the high-tech, ultra-modern and luxurious world of Al-Rais behind and entering a barren and backward world lead by a crazy fanatic.

Reward (by force):

  • 200 Medals
  • 80,000 Supplies

Reward (peaceful):

  • 50 Luxury Materials
  • 200 Medals

Additional Information

Abortable: NO

Previous Quest: The Sheik's Scare

Next Quest: A Madman and his Men

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