Bronze Age Side Quests
The MerchantThe ArchitectMore FlagonsMad HutterStilt House (Side Quest)Happy WorkersIncrease OutputTreasure Hunt in KarchaguFlagon OverflowBroke ArchitectPots for the PeopleGo Mobile!More WorkFruit FrenzyA Little ProductionFruit for the PeopleThe GeneralThe ScientistThe BoastMake Science, Not WarThe JesterJester's Gift IJester's Gift IIInvite a FriendFeed the DonkeyMilitary ActionResearch ChaletResearch CraftworkJester's Gift IIIGoods Buildings (Quest)Research TeachingResearch PathsResearch BrewingEeny, Meeny, Miny, MoeBuild a TavernPeaceful CourseMilitary CourseNew Recruits

Iron Age Side Quests
Hide and SeekThe Iron FistGive them CheeseResearch AgricultureUpdate the SpearfightersResearch SewerageBuild an Iron FoundryTreasure Hunt in KarchaguResearch PlowingBuild a Triumphal ArchMeat for the MassesMore Cheese, please.Research MathematicsMore MeatAnnoy GrivusAnnoy FernikusJoke from the JesterFriendly VisitsBuild a BathMore WorkBeautify the CityBuild the PeaceForce the PeaceBuy the PeaceForce the Peace, again

Early Middle Ages Side Quests
Bread for the PoorResearch EconomicsMake Them Smile!Build Frame HousesBlankets for the PoorBuild TanneriesCavalry And InfantryResearch AccommodationAnnoy GrivusAnnoy FernikusJoke from the JesterPayback From The PoorBuild Modern Goods BuildingsWinter Is ComingArcher and MercenariesResearch Heavy Cavalry and Armored InfantryMake Them Laugh!Research Clapboard HousesThey Love You!More Pelts NeededResearch ExecutionsShoe ShoeThe Rich are Freezing, tooBuild InnsResearch Physics and FertilizationJester's Girl IA Royal Boot-KickingResearch Crop RotationsJester's Girl IIMerchant's OfferResearch MonarchyJester's Girl IIIJester's Girl IVMedieval Center of ProductionBuild Cobbled RoadsCatapults and CavalryBuild all Goods BuildingsMaster of Medieval MilitaryResearch the Whole Early Middle AgesA Good Time for Business

High Middle Ages Side Quests
Potions and PoisonsThe Beauty Of The High Middle AgesResearch CrossbowsMobilize Fresh TroopsWheel of FortuneLudwig Needs HelpResearch Brownstone HousesA Dime for a RhymeBuild Brownstone HousesResearch GuildsGame of ChanceResearch ExpansionsBuild SaltworksBuild a ChurchOh to be a RoadieLudwig Needs Help, Again!Research Heavy ArmorField of DreamsStrike Fear into their HeartsResearch MedicineLight UpResearch Town HousesWheat PartyThink BigLab RatDefeating the Raiding PartiesDoctor HouseFresh Recruits NeededResearch Hospitals and Water WheelsCenter of the WorldMedieval Master of GoodsArmy of All ArmsResearch the Whole High Middle AgesA Romantic VisitDeal with ChilderichDeal with LudwigLove LetterMake Childerich PayShip it South

Late Middle Ages Side Quests
Take EldenboroughExpedition to the EastPrepare for WarNew BuildingsIntensify ResearchA Fool's ProblemsHow To Run Jousting TournamentsMandrubar Has a Dream IOpen New Trade RoutesRidicule the Wizard 1The Magic StormFuture InvestmentsMore Future InvestmentsEven More Future InvestmentsThe BetLotteryState of EstatesHire a CartographerRemember the PastA Building for BooksBuild Apartment HousesThe Secret MessageThe Secret OrderResearch for the JesterBreweries for the JesterThe Beer and Barrel ComboBeer for the JesterBeer ArmyFountains of YouthClaim the New LandsTrading ShipBuild Advanced UnitsMedieval MetropolisMaster of Medieval ScienceSur le Pont LavignonEverlasting StonesThe Black Monolith

Colonial Age Side Quests
KartugaPorcelain PartyPisterrac (Quest)Treasure Hunt (Quest)Greva's GriefFernikus in ShockGrivus' OathMandrubar's SurpriseRinbin's RantCaptain Starbuck Reports!A Princess' GratitudeBuild a Trading CompanyThe Handy-CapSmoke on the WaterA Worthy ResidenceProvide DiversionsHeavy TrafficWhile the Iron is HotIncrease the OutputGood GoodsLand, Ho!Goods from the ColoniesExplore MoreMissionary on a MissionLombardeaux (Quest)Deuxerres (Quest)Noble HousingPirates!Edward RazorhandsTop BrassSur le Pont LavignonEverlasting StonesMilitary NeedsThe Black MonolithThe AuctionThe Merchant’s First BidThe Architect’s First BidThe General’s First BidThe Scientist’s First BidThe Merchant's RaiseThe Architect's RaiseThe General's Final BidThe Scientist's Final BidA Good OfferThomas Malthus TheoryKeep the Public OrderMaster of New GoodsMaster of Advanced ScienceTime and TideArtillery AdvantagePrussian RouletteGrenadesNo Train, No GainShip Ahoy!The ExpeditionThe Expedition CorpsThe Powdered Wig

Industrial Age Side Quests
A City from ScratchA New Era Of ScienceA Real ChallengeBattle ExperienceBest of Both WorldsDawn of a Golden AgeDominate The Industrial AgeEast-West RailroadFlanking LancersForgotten FavorFriendly VisitsGo West!Good GuanoGuano GuerdonGuano GunGuns for the NativesHuts to HousesIndustrial IntentIndustrial RevolutionInspirationsIntermediary InterestsJester's LicenseJester's License IIKnowledge Is Power (Industrial Age)Modern MedicineNew GoodsNew TroopsNew World InvestmentsOutgunnedPipes And 'PlosivesPlunderPolivatePothole PanicProtection NeededResearch Railroads and HygieneResearch Precision ToolsScientific BreakthroughSecrets Of The Goods ISecrets Of The Goods IISecrets Of The Goods IIISettlers and SettlementsSpark of GeniusTechnical MarvelsThe Natives' SupportTime For A ChangeUnsettling NewsVictorian EraWild, Wild WestWorkforceA Blast from the PastA Friend Called FreudWhat?

Progressive Era Side Quests
A Fair HelpA House Well OrderedA Little HelperAn Offer You Can't Refuse IAn Offer You Can't Refuse IIAn Offer You Can't Refuse IIICars, Cars, CarsCharlestonCheering UpCity LightsConscripts NeededDon't Steal My ThunderEnvy is the Best ArchitectGears of WarGrowing PopulationHigh Rise AheadHigher and HigherHorrors of WarfareKnow Your GoodsMachines of WarMetro GridMetropolisMilitary MasteryMilitary PreparationsMore than ScienceNew AgeProgress is ProgressPulpRawhideResearch Materials NeededRiot ControlSecret KnowledgeStreets with no NamesStrike!The Black Friday IThe Black Friday IIThe Black Friday IIIThe Black Friday IVThe Black Friday VThe Black Friday VIThe Black Friday VIIThe Gold RushThe TrampThey Want PeaceThings that Go BoomThings that Went BoomTimes are A-ChangingVengeful VillagersWorld's Fair IWorld's Fair IIWorld's Fair IIIA Blast from the PastA Friend Called FreudWhat?

Modern Era Side Quests
A Scientist Well KnownAir SupremacyA New ChallengeA Noble PrizeAnother Challenging TaskBabies or BustBatez' MotelBanned from the RanchBlue Leather ShoesCasachangaCivil DefenseDiner IdeaFast and FuriousFill the ShelvesFresh MenFrosty PalaceHoney MoneyI Have a DreamJet Set SocietyJukebox HeroKeep CoolKeep MovingMad MenMaster of Modern ScienceMaster of Modern WarfareMaster of Refined GoodsMechanized WarfareMilk ManiacModern GoodsNeedy BoyOperation PaperclipPrefabricationRadio StarRanch DressingRin Gozen's WarriorsShowtime!Start Up the MachinesStocking up the DefenseSuburbiaTemperate ClimateThe Admiral's ThanksThe Logics of LogisticsThe MasterpieceThe Smell of ScienceTongue in CheekTroop Entertainment

Postmodern Era Side Quests
Guerilla WarfareElectronic ResearchRoad WarriorClonosaurusProtect the EnvironmentRocket ManComputer ScienceThe Get Up GuyTriassic ParkUrban JungleSupply ChainDeep ThoughtB*A*S*HExtinction, Where Extinction is DueGraffitiHome FrontGet rid of It!Married... with ParentsAge of AquariusFunkyardRecruits NeededRace to Space21 Crawl StreetToy SoldiersInspirational VisitsFresh RecruitsSpace TechDullas Dynasty CrestRecyclingGardening FunPredatorDoctor's AdviceThe Top One PercentStainless SteelReconstruction EffortsFirst BloodInterdictionSurfin' SafariThe Green MilePopularity ContestAmbushedMandrusoftFit and FunCutting Edge BusinessCutting Edge CityCutting Edge ArmyCutting Edge ScienceCutting Edge Fun

Contemporary Era Side Quests
Hello World!Make Space, Not WarUnits NeededThe Internet is for...The RobotsHome ShoppingCanalsThe Sheik's OfferThe Bionic ManPocket Money MonsterFishy BusinessCanale GrandeRide of the ValkyriesDust EverywhereBazinga!Big BusinessMuddy WatersArms RaceData InputMingle MoreAli BiThe Power of LogisticsShopping SpreeArmor Up!HypothesisGone FishingMad BusinessPopulate!Mad InfluenceMad IdeasWho's the Madman?Dictator's DemandDerelict DictatorDictator's DestinyUnder a Cherry TreeParty On!Fish and ChipsWe Build the CityFossils FoundGlobal WarmingYin and YangKai ZenGlobal PlayerFloating BusinessSea, Air, LandPower HungryThings to ComeA Contemporary CityAll Arms AssembledKnowing ThingsA Prince in NeedScam and Spam

Tomorrow Era Side Quests
Dawn of TomorrowThe Leader of TomorrowTomorrow's EdgeThe Power of FusionTrolling of TomorrowPrint LoopProducts of TomorrowPractical HousingAnti-Materiel GunThe Flux CondensatorFlux Condensator GoneThe Time MachineHouse of TrashThe Invisible TowerSmart GunsFood BunkerTranslucent ToiletsLiving in a BoxParty Time!Social UnrestSquare OneBlueprint PrinterEye in the SkySo YesterdayRiots in the StreetsConcept CarsThe Car FairPecunia Non OletThe Instincts were RightCrazy ComandanteRiot AlertDon't Neglect ScienceDrone AllergyUnhealthy LifestyleAnnexes for SpaceRiot's EndGadgeteerMedia ControlDelivery DronesTREE IMOON IRadicalsSurprising GiftsGifts UnwantedTREE IIMOON IIRadical CountermeasuresGifts UngivenPreparation is KeyCity of TomorrowFuture WarfareKnowing it AllBig Spender

Future Era Side Quests
Future GoodsFresh AirModernize the MilitaryThe Sounds of ScienceFan of the FutureMOON IIITREE IIIMOON IVGoods for the FutureFloaty Fun IFloating FrenzyUnder One RoofFuture DefensePowerful RoadsFloaty Fun IIPrinted Food for the Masses IPrinted Food for the Masses IIPrinted Food for the Masses IIIPrinted Food for the Masses IVA Hole in the GroundHovering DestructionControlling the ClimaFloaty Fun IIIFloaty Fun IVSmart StreetsBuzzing DefenseTerraformingBacon BusinessAlgae MaskLovely CityscapeExoskeleton SoldierClean WaterI Wouldn't Drink that if I Were YouHair ForecastSelf SupportingOrbital NetworksDisease ControlBalooneyHelium-3Time For Something NewProactive WarEngineered VirusSuperhero MeGreen ImageRamp Up The ForcesDefense is the Best OffenseSupercomputer SuperpowerFace PaintArctic AdventureCity of the FutureThings to ComeLife, the Universe and EverythingThe Donation Nation

Arctic Future Side Quests
In With the New IIn With the New IIGoing Mobile IGoing Mobile IICool VenturesRobot Taskforce IRobot Taskforce IIScience to the RescueRevolution No. 01Money MakerMarket DominanceBeauty MeasuresLooming ConflictCold SteelMaking SpaceVintage, Not Retro!Promething ExperimentsCool MusicArctic InfluenceMobile HomesFrumpy TakedownWeather Control FameUnlimited PowerRestlessWarm WelcomePurple NecklaceTimingNext Big ThingWhat's That?Cool SongSurprise PartyThe Best SnowmanHappy New Year...?Let's ChillDragon HeatFloating HouseShiftsClean IceRoger RogerNew CribsCoooldPolar Bears and PenguinsMagnum OpusIce BlossomImmune to frostSteady ProgressCrystal FlowersSnow GoliathFirepowerLiquidity

Oceanic Future Side Quests
Corals and TreesNo GoodGood NewsMotivationGood? Great!ChangeI'll Go Sailin'Underwater LandTool RepairLand ExpeditionsUnderwater CombatEfficient SuppliesVery HotExcellent ConductivitySink or SwimI Like TurtlesSeaside MerchandiseSwimming LessonsDeep ResearchNew DocksCoral ForestOcean ScienceBuilding BanNew GoodsTornadoPersonal LakeDeep AquariumBreaking WaveMantasWhy So Blue?BismuthArtistic LicenseMany MantasOld BuildingsWe Want ChangeWhy So Blue? (2)NautilusTestsSeaweed SaladStructural ReinforcementBells and WhistlesSubaquatic ConquestOld CurrencyOrichalcumRock The BoatMorale BoostResearch PreparationsSupply and DemandMotivation is KeyPundulousShiny ThingsBreakthroughPrototypeField TestingEight Times The PowerStocked UpThe Measure of WealthOrichalcum ConundrumThe Tactical PositionMysteries of the DeepAltruistic ActionsBlitz BuffetProve YourselfTime Is MoneySecret Escape

Virtual Future Side Quests
Virtually NewHolo-tasticSome Financial AdviceBe PreparedMeet HawkesBeastmasterHigh DemandBattle 101Karaoke StarStriking GoldEveryone Is A WinnerVR & Tea TimeDisplay of DecadenceMore Units = More BetterDoing Research in VRGrivus' VR TrialsShady VR DealsThe Futile InvestigationI Want To Touch ThingsThe Golden BathtubKawaii KittyCelebrate Good TimesHackedBonsai BreakthroughBack to NatureMisquoteWarrior MonksMonk In TrainingSpecial ProjectAdvisor Wanted?

Space Age Mars Side Quests
Saving PowerBreathing On MarsNew Planet, New BusinessRetaining Mars PowerGlass For SpaceLiving Like An AstronautProductivity, ProductivitySurge of CompetitionFollowing TrendsA Little RequestIt's All About MarketingA Call From HomeBringing It HomeA Squad Of ScoutsPlasteel, SteelticMicrobes As Pets?!Building A SuperfreighterRobots Just FollowA Little NostalgiaFireworks Of Epic ProportionsCollecting The SunA Statue of JesterPlasma Under PressureThis War Demands SnipersOld BotsA Well Oiled MachineA Bit Of MarsInstant ActionGetting Clear Of WasteBringing PowerHuman and Machine Become OneMaking Mars ComfortableAs Good As NewNo Thunder, But LightningScientific DemandsTEN MILLIONThe Mars ExpressVersatility Is RequiredModern AlchemyBut Why?Living Computer CodeMore Food, Less WorkThe Diamond ExchangeSteady SupplyThe Spying Robot

Space Age Asteroid Belt Side Quests
PreparationsAntiques from EarthHappy Belt ColonistsCourt Citation ICommunity WorkSynthesizersSpace Cruise ShipsSpace Travel AgencyResearch New GoodsColony ProductionGather Colony GoodsBelt TaxesCollect NickelAdvertisementsMore SpaceshipsFeeling like in SpaceCourt Citation IICollect Processed MaterialSpace Food!ThermostabilizationMining CompaniesBelt Mining H.Q.Space TouristsAsteroid PermissionColony ArmyAntiques TransferClean Water for the BeltFuel for the BeltGoods for the BeltBread and CircusesMagnetic CrystalsGoing New WaysView on EarthIncreased QualityPowered AsteroidsUCP LawProtection from RadiationDig DeeperCourt Citation IIIBromineParticles and HeatInvest in ShreddersBigger ArmyNew Building MaterialFleet of Spaceships

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