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Side quests are unlocked in Bronze Age, after completing Celebrate Victory (see Story Quests). New side quests are triggered by completing story quests, researching technologies, constructing specific buildings, scouting and conquering provinces. If the player completes or aborts all available side quests, recurring quests will take place until the requirements for new side quests are fulfilled.

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Bronze Age[]

  1. The Merchant
  2. The Architect
  3. More Flagons
  4. Mad Hutter
  5. Stilt House (Side Quest)
  6. Happy Workers
  7. Increase Output
  8. Flagon Overflow unlocks:
    1. Broke Architect
  9. Pots for the People
  10. If playing on browser: Go Mobile!
  11. If available population is 11 or more: More Work (now a side quest)

Researching Cultivation (tech) unlocks:

  1. Fruit Frenzy
  2. Building a Fruit Farm unlocks: A Little Production
  3. Fruit for the People

Completing More Information unlocks:

  1. The General
  2. The Scientist
  3. The Boast
  4. Make Science, Not War unlocks:
    1. The Jester
      1. Jester's Gift I
      2. Jester's Gift II
      3. Invite a Friend
      4. Feed the Donkey
  5. Military Action
  6. Research Chalet
  7. Research Craftwork
    1. Jester's Gift III
    2. Research Woodwork (tech) unlocks: Goods Buildings (Quest)
  8. Research Teaching
  9. Research Paths
  10. Research Brewing
    1. Researching Smithery (tech) unlocks: Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe
    2. Build a Tavern

On Show your Strength:

  1. If Fel Dranghyr is conquered first: Peaceful Course
  2. If Peaceful Course fails or is aborted: Military Course

On The Halls of Hymir:

  1. Conquering 1 sector of Hymir unlocks: New Recruits

Iron Age[]

Entering Iron Age unlocks:

  1. Hide and Seek (if first tech is not Architecture)
  2. The Iron Fist
  3. Give them Cheese
  4. Research Agriculture
  5. Update the Spearfighters
  6. Research Sewerage
  7. Build an Iron Foundry
  1. Research Plowing
  2. Build a Triumphal Arch
  3. Meat for the Masses
  4. More Cheese, please.
  5. Research Mathematics
  6. More Meat
  7. Build a Bath
  8. More Work
  9. Beautify the City

Completing Battle for Badakus unlocks:

  1. Build the Peace
  2. Force the Peace

Acquiring Paruuch unlocks:

  1. Buy the Peace
  2. Force the Peace, again

Scouting Karchagu and Ruug and then taking a sector of Ruug but not any of Karchagu unlocks:

  1. Treasure Hunt in Karchagu

Scouting Karchagu and Ruug and then taking a sector of Karchagu but not any of Ruug unlocks:

  1. Treasure Hunt in Ruug

Other earlier or later quests that may occur in Iron Age without advancing map/tech:

  1. Annoy Grivus
  2. Annoy Fernikus
  3. Joke from the Jester
  4. Friendly Visits
  5. Raise Mounted Warriors (the requirements to receive this quest are unknown)

Early Middle Ages[]

High Middle Ages[]

Unknown order:

Late Middle Ages[]

Acquiring Eldenborough and probably researching Cartography unlocks:

  1. Expedition to the East
  2. Claim the New Lands
  3. Trading Ship

Entering Late Middle Ages unlocks:

  1. Prepare for War
  2. New Buildings
  3. Intensify Research
  4. A Fool's Problems

A separate quest branch on an unknown condition:

  1. Future Investments
  2. More Future Investments
  3. Even More Future Investments (probably after researching Higher Education)
  4. Mandrubar Has a Dream II

A separate quest branch on an unknown condition:

  1. The Bet
  2. Lottery

Researching Estate Houses unlocks:

  1. State of Estates

Researching Cartography unlocks:

  1. Hire a Cartographer

Researching Intelligence unlocks:

  1. Remember the Past

Researching Letterpress unlocks:

  1. A Building for Books

Researching Apartment Houses unlocks:

  1. Build Apartment Houses

Quests connected with breweries and cooperages, beer and barrels form a large joint quest branch:

I. Researching Manufacturing unlocks:

  1. The Secret Message
  2. The Secret Order

II. On unknown condition (perhaps related to the completion of The Secret Order):

  1. Research for the Jester

III. Researching Brewing Kettles unlocks (perhaps the completion of A Fool's Problems is also required):

  1. Breweries for the Jester
  2. The Beer and Barrel Combo
  3. Beer for the Jester
  4. Beer Army
  5. The Rats in the Wall
  6. Fountains of Youth
  7. Let Them Eat Cake

Unknown conditions (probably in the end of Late Middle Ages) unlock:

  1. Build Advanced Units
  2. Medieval Metropolis (probably after researching both Brewing Kettles and Apartment Houses)
  3. Master of Medieval Science

An unknown conditon (perhaps acquiring the Colonial Age map) unlocks:

  1. Sur le Pont Lavignon

Probably this quest can appear either in the end of Late Middle Ages or in Colonial Age.

A separate quest branch which can appear either in Late Middle Ages or in Colonial Age (on an unknown condition):

  1. Everlasting Stones
  2. The Black Monolith

Colonial Age[]

Can be completed prior to advancing to this age:

Upon advancing to this age the main questline commences:

A separate quest branch on an unknown condition:

Return to main quest line:

Unknown order:

Industrial Age[]

The following quests can appear either in the Industrial Age or in the Progressive Era:

  1. A Blast from the Past
  2. A Friend Called Freud
  3. What?

Progressive Era[]

The following quests can appear either in the Industrial Age or in the Progressive Era:

  1. A Blast from the Past
  2. A Friend Called Freud
  3. What?

Modern Era[]

Postmodern Era[]

Contemporary Era[]

Tomorrow Era[]

Future Era[]

Arctic Future[]

Oceanic Future[]

Virtual Future[]

Space Age Mars[]

Space Age Asteroid Belt[]

Space Age Venus[]