Even with the introduction of edit mode, knowing what buildings can fit where is crucial for city optimization.

1 square wide

Building Age Road required?
Gong of Wisdom all no
Madame Fortuna's Tent all no
Straw Star Tent all no
Victory Tower all no
Watchfire all no
Memorial Chhatri all yes
Award Trophy all no
Bronze Award all no
Decorated Baobab all no
FoE Cup all no
Forge Bowl Trophy all no
Gate Statue East all no
Gate Statue West all no
Gift Tower all no
Gold Award all no
Jack O'Lantern Chapel all no
Mask Statue all no
Memento all no
Neighborhood Cup all no
Mobilith all no
Palm Tree all no
Phoenix Statue all no
Titan Arum Plant all no
Silver Award all no
Stone Award all no
Sundial all no
Tiki Totem all no
Vitruvian Man all no
Wisteria Topiary all no
Zanni Mask Statue all no
Building Age Road required?
Bleachers all no
Candlemaker's Tent all no
Smörgåsbord Feast all no
Building Age Road required?
Elephant Fountain Gate all yes
Chhatri Garden all no

2 squares wide

Building Age Road required?
Ritual Flame all no
Winter Gate all yes
Halmbock all no
Nutcracker all no
Sphinx all no
Tinkerer's Tent all no
Venice Canal all no
Building Age Road required?
Rogue Den all yes
Shrine of Awe all yes
Shrine of Knowledge all yes
Eastern Palace Tower all yes
Forest of Fall all yes
Greater Runestone all yes
Haunted House all yes
Obelisk Garden all yes
King Statue all yes
Queen Statue all yes
Straw Hut all yes
Shrine of Awe all yes
Shrine of Knowledge all yes
Sugar Baker's Booth all yes
The King all yes
The Queen all yes
Western Palace Tower all yes
Maypole all yes
Bandar Playground all no
Face of the Ancient all no
Festive Tree all no
Gate of the Sun God all no
Hammock all no
Maharaja's Jungle Pond all no
Reindeer Sleigh all no
Tree of Love all no
Well of Welcome all no
Building Age Road required?
Sleigh Builder all yes
Sunken Treasure all yes
Rogue Hideout all yes
Statue of Zeus (GB) yes
Cider Mill all yes
Fan Shop all yes
Moose Meadow all yes
Snow Globe all yes
Sundial Spire all yes
Sleigh Builder all yes
Sunken Treasure all yes
Nishikigoi Pond (both) all no
Sakura Rock (both) all no

3 squares wide

Building Age Road required?
Little Wishing Well all yes
Contestants' Estate all yes
Emperor's Entrance (both) all yes
Beach Bar all yes
Gingerbread House all yes
Kiosk all yes
Sacred Sky Watch all yes
Royal Marble Gateway all yes
Toymaker's Booth all yes
Zen Zone (both) all yes
Magnum Opus all yes
Witch Doctor all yes
Grandstand all yes
Mighty Maypole all yes
Winter Market all yes
Great Tree of Love all yes
Building Age Road required?
Champion's Retreat all yes
Fountain of Youth all yes
Wishing Well all yes
Hall of Fame all yes
Monastery all yes
Checkmate Square all yes
Dark Doorway all yes
Observatory (GB) yes
Oracle of Delphi (GB) yes
Blooming Cider Mill all yes
Log Cabin all yes
Mill of Fall all yes
Renaissance Villa all yes
Pillar of Heroes all yes
Shrine of Inspiration all yes
Speaker's Corner all yes
Ziggurat all yes
Yggdrasil all yes
Graveyard all yes
Botanical Rotunda all yes
Balloon Site all yes
Haunted Tower all yes
Sandcastle all yes
Majestic Maypole all yes
Tigers' Den all yes
Winners' Plaza all yes
Winter Pyramid all yes
Garden Ruins all no
Scarecrow all no
Eternal Tree of Love all no
Building Age Road required?
Athlete Living Quarters all yes
Aviary all yes
Fruitful Cider Mill all yes
Oasis all yes
Royal Cascade all yes
Foeberge Shop all yes
Rosarium all yes
Building Age Road required?
Bountiful Cider Mill all yes
Building Age Road required?
Prosperous Cider Mill all yes

4 squares wide

Building Age Road required?
Confectionary all yes
Stranded Boat all yes
Building Age Road required?
Charming Cottage all yes
Large Confectionary all yes
Grand Bridge all yes
Renaissance Mansion all yes
Pole House all yes
Tribal Square all yes
Old Graveyard all yes
Ornate Baths all yes
Pond of Fall all yes
Building Age Road required?
Color Guard Camp all yes
Drummer School all yes
Fishing Hut all yes
Tower of Babel (GB) yes
Lighthouse of Alexandria (GB) yes
Maharaja's Palace all yes
Pagoda all yes
Tholos of Idols all yes
The Lord's Manor all yes
Winter Spire all yes
Mad Scientist's Lab all yes
Reindeer Paddock all yes
Elephant Fountain all yes
Pavilion all yes
Building Age Road required
Black Tower all yes
Caravansary all yes
Arena of Victors all yes
Menagerie all yes
Cape Canaveral (GB) yes
Luau all yes
Gondola Dock Market all yes
Masquerade Ball all yes
Building Age Road required?
Cathedral of Aachen (GB) yes
Notre Dame (GB) yes
Terracotta Army (GB) yes
Building Age Road required?
Voyager V1 (GB) yes

5 squares wide

Building Age Road required?
Huge Confectionary all yes
Legendary Confectionary all yes
Ancient Graveyard all yes
Building Age Road required?
Hedge Maze all yes
Bazaar all yes
Santa's Workshop all yes
Soccer Field all yes
Building Age Road required?
Saint Basil's Cathedral (GB) yes
Castel del Monte (GB) yes
Frauenkirche of Dresden (GB) yes
The Kraken (GB) yes
Building Age Road required?
Château Frontenac (GB) yes
Seed Vault (GB) yes
Terrace Farm all yes

6 squares wide

Building Age size Road required?
Temple of Relics (GB) 6x6 yes
St. Mark's Basilica (GB) 6x6 yes
Colosseum (GB) 6x7 yes
Himeji Castle (GB) 6x6 yes
Atlantis Museum (GB) 6x7 yes
Gaea Statue (GB) 6x4 yes
Rain Forest Project (GB) 6x6 yes
Truce Tower (GB) 6x5 yes
Innovation Tower (GB) 6x6 yes
Lotus Temple (GB) 6x6 yes
Space Needle (GB) 6x5 yes
Legendary Graveyard all 6x3 yes

7 squares wide and up

Building Age size Road required?
Hagia Sophia (GB) 7x6 yes
Deal Castle (GB) 7x7 yes
Capitol (GB) 7x5 yes
Alcatraz (GB) 10x7 yes
Royal Albert Hall (GB) 7x6 yes
The Ship all 7x3 yes
The Blue Galaxy (GB) 7x5 yes
Arctic Orangery (GB) 7x7 yes
The Habitat (GB) 7x6 yes
The Arc (GB) 7x5 yes
Atomium (GB) 7x6 yes
Necropolis all 7x3 yes
Monumental Graveyard all 7x3 yes
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