The Soldier is the light unit of the Iron Age, and is produced in the Soldier Barracks. It is the successor of the Spearfighter. Just like its predecessor,  Soldiers are very efficient thanks to their moderately high attack, defense, and speed. They gain two movement points compared to the Spearfighter, giving it more mobility. They are the fastest units after fast units and receive defense bonus when in bushes and forests.

The Soldier also benefits from combat bonuses against fast units, making them very effective at countering fast units such as Mounted Warrior. However, heavy units such as the Legionnaire have combat bonuses against Soldiers.


A good tactic of using the Soldier is to hide in forests/bushes to boost its defense. It is recommended to use Soldiers to replace Warrior units until a player gets the Legionnaire, as it is superior, or at least equivalent in attack, defense, and movement to Warriors.

Soldiers are also very effective against the fast unit of the age, the Mounted Warrior. It can also two hit kill the Archer, making it a good counter against it.

It also remains effective against the EMA Heavy Cavalry. However, they are outmatched by the Mercenary.


In the Iron Age, professional armies started to take form in Europe and the Middle East. One of the greatest was the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire fielded one of the best armies in the world, and the ordinary Soldier made up most of its ranks.


Soldiers appear to have a conical bronze helmet and bronze armor and a long spear made of iron.


During the days of the Roman Republic, the maniple was the main tactical unit of the Roman Army. It was made up of four different lines of soldiers that would distinguish each other from personal wealth, age and experience. The first "line" was comprised of Velites, skirmishers and light-infantry who were attached to maniples and would act as a screening element to the main force, providing reconnaisance and first contact on the enemy. They were often the youngest and poorest elements of the maniple, but the most respect, as they were the first to head on against the enemy, often not even wearing any body armour. Velites used darts to attack the enemy from a distance and carried small round shields called parma for protection. They also wore wolf skins on their heads to signify their bravery and function. The second (used as the actual first) line was comprised of the Hastati, infantry equipped with short swords called Gladius, large convex shields called Scutum and sometimes heavy javelins called Pillum (pl. Pilla). They were amongst the youngest elements of the maniple and were relatively poor, because of this they could only afford basic bronze plates and simple helmets for protection and their lack of experience meant that their combat effectiveness was limited if not properly led, especially when fighting on the vanguard. Behind the hastati were the Principes, heavy infantry who unlike their counterparts could afford proper body armour and equipment and had more experience in combat, however their weapons were relatively the same. The Triarii formed the rear guard of the maniple, they formed the elite of the unit and had a lot of combat experience, plus their wealth granted them further access to sophisticated equipment and conditions.


Three Soldiers

Other Military Units

Military Units
All Ages Heavy Unit Color GuardLight Unit Military DrummerLight Unit RogueFast Unit/Heavy Unit Champion
Bronze Age Light Unit SpearfighterLight Unit ClubmanHeavy Unit WarriorFast Unit Horseman
Ranged Unit SlingerArtillery Unit Stone Thrower
Iron Age Light Unit SoldierHeavy Unit LegionnaireFast Unit Mounted Warrior
Ranged Unit ArcherArtillery Unit Ballista
Early Middle Ages Light Unit MercenaryHeavy Unit Armored InfantryHeavy Unit BarbarianFast Unit Heavy Cavalry
Ranged Unit Mounted ArcherRanged Unit Barbarian SlingerArtillery Unit Catapult
High Middle Ages Light Unit BerserkerHeavy Unit Heavy InfantryFast Unit Knight
Ranged Unit CrossbowmanArtillery Unit Trebuchet
Late Middle Ages Light Unit Great Sword WarriorHeavy Unit Imperial GuardFast Unit Heavy Knight
Ranged Unit Longbow ArcherArtillery Unit Cannon
Colonial Age Light Unit RangerHeavy Unit GrenadierFast Unit Dragoon
Ranged Unit MusketeerArtillery Unit Field Gun
Industrial Age Light Unit Jaeger InfantryLight Unit Brave WarriorHeavy Unit HowitzerFast Unit Lancer
Ranged Unit RiflemanRanged Unit Mounted BraveArtillery Unit Breech Loader
Progressive Era Light Unit ConscriptHeavy Unit TankFast Unit Armored Car
Ranged Unit SniperArtillery Unit Rapid Fire Cannon
Modern Era Light Unit Bazooka TeamHeavy Unit Battle TankFast Unit Mechanized Infantry
Ranged Unit ParatrooperArtillery Unit Mechanized Artillery
Postmodern Era Light Unit CommandoHeavy Unit Universal TankFast Unit IFV
Ranged Unit MG TeamArtillery Unit Rocket Artillery
Contemporary Era Light Unit Strike TeamHeavy Unit Assault TankFast Unit Attack Helicopter
Ranged Unit Anti-Aircraft VehicleArtillery Unit Missile Artillery
Tomorrow Era Light Unit Ultra APHeavy Unit Stealth TankFast Unit Combat Drone
Ranged Unit Anti-Materiel SniperArtillery Unit Microwave Blaster
Future Era Light Unit Exoskeleton SoldierHeavy Unit Hover TankFast Unit Drone Swarm
Ranged Unit Satellite SpotterArtillery Unit Rail Gun
Arctic Future Light Unit Dragon DroneHeavy Unit Battle FortressHeavy Unit Behemoth
Fast Unit Recon RaiderRanged Unit Surrogate SoldierArtillery Unit Plasma Artillery
Oceanic Future Light Unit MantaLight Unit ScimitarHeavy Unit C.R.A.B. MechHeavy Unit Octopod
Fast Unit Hydroelectric EelFast Unit GlidersRanged Unit Sub CruiserRanged Unit Nautilus
Artillery Unit TurturretArtillery Unit Medusa
Virtual Future Light Unit Augmented SamuraiRanged Unit NinjaArtillery Unit Rocket TroopHeavy Unit Ronin BotFast Unit Warrior Monk
Space Age Mars Light Unit Space MarineRanged Unit Tesla WalkerArtillery Unit SniperbotHeavy Unit Steel WardenFast Unit Sentinel
Space Age Asteroid Belt Light Unit Drill RangerRanged Unit Nail StormArtillery Unit B.E.L.T.Heavy Unit ShredderFast Unit Hover Hammer

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