The Stilt House is second residential building in the game and the first one available in the Bronze Era. Unlike the Hut, It must be researched. In order to build it, the Stilt House technology has to researched and unlocked. Stilt Houses produce 11 Coins every 15 minutes and provides 22 population. With 120% productivity produces 16 coins instead.


CoinBoost.png 11.00 per tile and hour

Efficiency is measured by an assumed maximum production per hour divided through the number of tiles of the building and can be used as a subjective comparison towards other residential buildings.

Other Residential Buildings

Residential Buildings
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Space Age Asteroid Belt Living Space ResidenceLow-Gravity Home[1]Movable Abode[3]Deep-Seated Housing[3]Vault House[3]Spaceview Residence[3]
Space Age Venus Inflatable DwellingAntigravity Residency[1]Floating Shelter[4]Inflatable Home[4]Advanced Apartment[4]Multipurpose Property[4]
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