Store Building allows a player to store a special building back into inventory for later use. Each Store Building can be used only once, but there is no limit to the number of times a building may be stored.

Store Building was introduced in the 2016 Fall Event.

Store Building continues to be a featured event prize and can be won from the Item User's Chest, and the Challenger's Chest (the 7-day bonus chest) in the  Daily Challenge. Store Building can also be won from the reward chests in Guild Expedition for completing the 12th and 16th encounters of level III, and Store Building is one of the five prizes randomly selected for the rotating contents of the 64th chest. With a Temple of Relics, Store Building can be won from a Rare Jade Relic.


When Store Building is used on a special military building such as a Rogue Hideout with one or more diamond slots opened, the building loses these open slots when placed placed back into inventory. Diamonds are needed to reopen the slots when the building is used again. Building upgrades using upgrade kits, One Up Kits, Renovation Kits, and shrink kits are saved.

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