Noble Ruler!

With all the new technology available I could easily become a superhero. You know - 'Captain Future' or 'Dr. Futuro'. Or what about 'Mr. Bombastic'? 'Spatman'? 'The Human Bipede'? 'The Mysterious Mosquito'?


  • 15-Minutes-Production in the Levitation Outlet Produce hoverboards 7 times
  • Pay 27 Superconductors


Noble Ruler!

Here's your stuff back. It didn't work out, becoming a superhero. I had a though time chosing a name. And then, a costume. A hideout. A nemesis. A ride. There was just too much work involved.


Additional Information

Abortable: Yes

Other Quests

You can get any of these quests apart from the ones you have already completed.

Future Era Side Quests
Future GoodsFresh AirModernize the MilitaryThe Sounds of ScienceFan of the FutureMOON IIITREE IIIMOON IVGoods for the FutureFloaty Fun IFloating FrenzyUnder One RoofFuture DefensePowerful RoadsFloaty Fun IIPrinted Food for the Masses IPrinted Food for the Masses IIPrinted Food for the Masses IIIPrinted Food for the Masses IVA Hole in the GroundHovering DestructionControlling the ClimaFloaty Fun IIIFloaty Fun IVSmart StreetsBuzzing DefenseTerraformingBacon BusinessAlgae MaskLovely CityscapeExoskeleton SoldierClean WaterI Wouldn't Drink that if I Were YouHair ForecastSelf SupportingOrbital NetworksDisease ControlBalooneyHelium-3Time For Something NewProactive WarEngineered VirusSuperhero MeGreen ImageRamp Up The ForcesDefense is the Best OffenseSupercomputer SuperpowerFace PaintArctic AdventureCity of the FutureThings to ComeLife, the Universe and EverythingThe Donation Nation

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