Your Grace!

Try and take control over Igamoto as quickly as you can. It does not really matter how you achieve it, as long as you are fast about it. That is the best way we can help the people that suffer under the government of General Ishiwara Katsu.



Your Grace!

Good! Igamoto is yours! Ishiwara Katsu is no longer in charge and the people don't have to suffer any longer. He did all sorts of unspeakable things here as well and needs to be stopped!


  • 38,000 Supplies
  • 37,000 Coins

Additional Information

Abortable: NO

Previous Quest: Letters from Igujima or The Devil's Plans

Next Quest: The Struggle for Igujima (if peaceful against Yamamoto Isao) or The Battle for Igujima (if you attacked Yamamoto Isao) or Fast Forward

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