@Toppcatt, I wouldn't dismiss this GB that quickly. I mean, sure, the chance to get a relic isn't that high, but when you do get one, it's amazing. I have a level 1 ToR, and so far (that I can remember) I got: 200 of one good, 100 FPs, 10 rogues, 25 of one good, 20 FPs and probably more I don't remember. How many days would it take for 9 SoKs to get 100 FPs? And how many days for any goods building to deliver 200 goods (assuming you have the deposit, which in my case wasn't true, which made the goods far more valuable)?

Honestly this GB is worth it, and is also worth starting to do GE (if you're not already). I'm just not sure if it's worth leveling it, because a 0.5% extra chance to spawn a relic on each level is just too little.

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