Quest {{{Number}}}:

  • Questgiver: "{{{Condition1}}}"
    Reward: {{{Reward}}}

How to use

{{Event Quest|Number=4|Date=June 05|QuestGiver=Akechi Mitsuhide
|Condition1=Have 45 diplomacy
|Or1=Gather 10 Soy
|Reward={{ICOI}} Small [[coins]] package}}

results in

Quest 4 (June 05):

  • Akechi Mitsuhide: "Have 45 diplomacy OR Gather 10 Soy"
    Reward: Coins Small coins package

  • Date is optional
  • Color and Reward Color are optional - if nothing is entered, the colors displayed above are used as default
  • Up to 6 Conditions and Ors can be set (should that ever be needed):
{{Event Quest|Number=|Date=|QuestGiver=|Color=|RewardColor=
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