This is a template to create a gallery of the Images of a Multi-Level Building The Images have to be saved under <the buildings name> + " Lvl X.png" - e.g "World's Fair Lvl 10.png" (_ and spaces are interchangeable here...)

  • use the parameter "id" to set <the buildings name> (if no building name is given the images have to be given manually)
  • use the parameter "max" to set the max Level of the building you want to call by this template
  • use the parameter "pos" to set the position of the gallery to align left or right - standard is center
  • additional images can be added as last parameter - use "{{!}}" instead of "|" to separate the image name from the Image description and separate different images by a line break
{{Gallery|id=World's Fair|max=10}}


  • World's Fair Lvl 1
  • World's Fair Lvl 2
  • World's Fair Lvl 3
  • World's Fair Lvl 4
  • World's Fair Lvl 5
  • World's Fair Lvl 6
  • World's Fair Lvl 7
  • World's Fair Lvl 8
  • World's Fair Lvl 9
  • World's Fair Lvl 10

If you want to add aditional Images that do not follow the scheme you can append them as second parameter as follows:

{{Gallery|id=Altar Garden|max=4|
Altar_Garden_Lvl_5-1.png{{!}}Altar of Aphrodite
Altar_Garden_Lvl_5-2.png{{!}}Altar of Artemis
Altar_Garden_Lvl_5-3.png{{!}}Altar of Athena
Altar_Garden_Lvl_5-4.png{{!}}Altar of Demeter
Altar_Garden_Lvl_5-5.png{{!}}Altar of Hera
Altar_Garden_Lvl_5-6.png{{!}}Altar of Hestia


  • Altar Garden Lvl 1
  • Altar Garden Lvl 2
  • Altar Garden Lvl 3
  • Altar Garden Lvl 4
  • Altar of Aphrodite
  • Altar of Artemis
  • Altar of Athena
  • Altar of Demeter
  • Altar of Hera
  • Altar of Hestia

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