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This is the template to be used for decoration buildings.


It contains the following attributes:

  • Infobox Picture
    • image: image of the decoration (default: placeholder)
    • imagewidth: width of the image (default: 200px)
    • caption: description of the image (default: the + pagename)
  • Properties
    • Age: Age where the building comes from (default: All Ages)
    • Technology: Technology that needs to be researched (default: None)
  • Costs
    • Coins: Amount of coins it costs to build it (default: 0)
    • Supplies: Amount of supplies it costs to build it (default: 0)
    • Diamonds: Amount of diamonds it costs to build it. If it's zero it is hidden. (default: 0)
  • Production
    • Happiness: Amount of happiness it generates. (default 0)
  • Antiques Dealer
    • AntiquesDealerB: Antiques Dealer buying price (2h barter) - if no value is given, it will be taken from {{AntiquesDealer}} if available there


{{Infobox Decoration
|image = File:Tree.png
|imagewidth = 105
|caption = A Tree
|Age = [[:Category:Stone Age|Stone Age]]
|Supplies = 8
|Time = 0:00:05
|Size = 1x1
|Happiness = 18

generates this:

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