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This template is used to create a Residential Building infobox.
Type {{infobox ReBu|<...>}} somewhere, with parameters as shown below.
Sample output
{{Infobox ReBu
|image = File:
|Age=[[Stone Age]]
|Supplies= 60
|Time = 0:00:05
|Size = 2x2
|Taxes = 6
|Interval = 0:05:00
|Population= 14

Results in:


  • Image
    • image: image of the building
    • imagewidth: width of the image in pixel (default: 250)
    • caption: caption of the image (default: The + pagename)
  • Properties
    • Age: Link to the Era of the building (default: All ages)
    • Technology: Link to the technology that is needed (default: None)
  • Construction
    • Coins: Construction cost of coins (default: 0)
    • Supplies: Construction cost of supplies (default: 0)
    • Diamonds: Construction cost of diamonds (default: 0)
    • Time: Time it takes the construction to finish (default: 0:00:00)
    • Size: Size of the building (default: 0 x 0)
  • Production
    • Population: Population the building provides (default: 0)
    • Taxes: The amount of coins it generates in the set interval (default: 0)
    • Interval: Time interval you can collect the coins (default: 0:00:00)
    • Connection: Road type it requires use the ROA or STR template (default: Road Road required)
  • Antiques Dealer
    • AntiquesDealerB: Antiques Dealer buying price (2h barter) - if no value is given, it will be taken from {{AntiquesDealer}} if available there 


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