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This is the template to be used for Special Buildings.
Should you have any questions, please contact Nike Aisling.


It contains the following attributes:

Attributes shown in Bold are always used. They have a default version so that you won't need to manually type it if their default is the same with the relevant property of described Special Building. Otherwise please state |Their Name = desired value if you'd like to change it. Please note that most fields require only a NUMBER to be added.

Attributes shown in Italic are not necessary. They will be used only if you state |Their Name = desired value while using this template. If this attribute has a DEFAULT note in the description, you can state whatever you want as a desired value, the property will not change. It's preferred, though, that you use 1 as a desired value.

  • Infobox Picture
    • image: image of the building (default: {{PAGENAME}}.png)
      Add this attribute if there's no {{PAGENAME}}.png image.
      • imagewidth: width of the image (default: 250px)
      • caption: description of the image (default: The {{PAGENAME}})
  • Properties
    • Age: Age where the building comes from (default: AgeAll Ages)
    • Building Cost: Variable Population needed for this building
          Building Cost:  Population X or more
    • Fixed Cost: Fixed Population needed for this building
          Building Cost:  Population X
    • Time: Time required to build this building
          Building Time:  Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) X (default: Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 00:00:20)
          Write |Time = 5 or |Time = 00:00:05 to make it 00:00:05.
    • Size: The size of this building
          Size:  Size X (default: Size 3x3)
    • Population: Population generated
          Provides:  Population X
    • Happiness: Happiness generated
          Provides:  Happiness X or more
      To show a negative amount of happiness please use <font color=red>X</font> instead of just X. It will make X red.
    • Taxes: Taxes produced
          Provides:  Coins X or more
    • Production: What is produced in this building
          Production:   X
    • ProductionVar: Default "Varies" statement
          Production:   Special Building Varies (see Production Options)
    • ProductionSet: Default "Set" statement
          Production:   Special Building Varies (see Set Bonus)
    • Motivation: What is produced when this building is motivated. Has a sub-attribute
          Motivation Bonus:   X in Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) MotivationTime (default: Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 24:00:00)
    • BonusA: Attack bonus
          Bonus:   MiB.png X
    • BonusD: Defence bonus
          Bonus:   Defense (boost).png X
    • BonusAD: Attack bonus for the defending army
          Bonus:   Attack boost for defending army X
    • BonusDA: Defense bonus for the attacking army
          Bonus:   Defense boost for attacking army X
    • BoostC: Coins boost
          Boost:   Coin Boost X or more
    • BoostS: Supplies boost
          Boost:   Supply Boost X or more
    • Road: Does it require a road?
          Connection:   X (default: Road Road required)
          |Road = 0 if you want this attribute to disappear from a page.
          |Road = No shows Road Not required
          |Road = 2 shows Two-lane street connection Two-lane street required
    • AgeAdvancable: Default "Age Advancable" statement.
      Use 1 or anything else as it's parameter to get:
          Age Advancable:   Renovation Kit Automatic
      Default (appears if you didn't state |AgeAdvancable = 1):
      Renovation Kit Renovation Kit or
      One Up Kit One Up Kit required
      State |AgeAdvancable = No if you want this attribute to show Not Age Advancable.
    • AntiquesDealerS: Antiques Dealer selling price - if no value is given, it will be taken from {{AntiquesDealer}} if available there
    • AntiquesDealerB: Antiques Dealer buying price (2h barter) - if no value is given, it will be taken from {{AntiquesDealer}} if available there
    • AntiquesDealerA: Antiques Dealer auction starting bid - if no value is given, it will be taken from {{AntiquesDealer}} if available there
  • Military Properties
    • Training: Default Time required to train a unit
          Training Time:   Time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) 24:00:00)
    • Unlock: Amount of diamonds it costs to unlock next slots
          Slot Unlock Costs:   Diamonds X
  • Set
    • SetIcon: Image file for the set icon, just file name without formatting
    • Set: Name of the set, without square brackets, links is provided automatically.
Cherry garden.pngCherry Garden Set
  • Set Buildings:
    • {{PAGENAME}} (Name of the current building)
    • Set1: Set building
    • Set2: Set building
    • Set3: Set building
    • Set4: Set building
  • Availability
    • Events: List of events the building were available (same type of events should be grouped together and links to the events should be provided by the year number only)
    • Availabilty: Other means the building is available

  • Special Upgrades
Special Upgrades
    • Upgrades: Are there special upgrades available?
          Upgrade Items:   X Upgrade
    • Previous and next upgraded buildings:
pre nex

Example 1: Special Production Building

{{Infobox SpBu
|image = File:Blooming Cider Mill.png
|Building Cost = 10
|Size = 3x3
|ProductionVar = 1
|Upgrades = [[File:Cider Mill Upgrade.png|20px]] [[Upgrade Kit#Cider Mill Upgrade|Cider Mill Upgrade Kit]]
|pre = [[Cider Mill]]
|nex = [[Fruitful Cider Mill]]

Generates this:

Example 2: Set Building

{{Infobox SpBu
|imagewidth=125 //we manually change the size, but no need to input the path
// to an image (Gong of Wisdom.png exists and so it will be added automatically)
|Size = 1x1
|ProductionSet = 1
|Set = Cherry Garden Set
|SetIcon = Cherry garden.png
|Set1 = [[Zen Zone]]
|Set2 = [[Emperor's Entrance]]
|Set3 = [[Sakura Rock]]
|Set4 = [[Nishikigoi Pond]]
|AgeAdvancable = 1

Generates this:

Please note that the "Infobox SpBu" under the "Set" section will actually be "Gong of Wisdom" on the actual page.

Visit Template:Infobox SpBu/doc to edit this text! (How does this work?)