• This template may be used in connection with all info-icon images regarding Resources.
  • The first parameter of the template is the Name of the Resource (e.g. Coins, Supplies, Goods, Iron,...)
  • If a second parameter is given, this one is interpreted as an amount
  • If an additional parameter is given to be "T", the name of the resource will be appended, if the parameter is given to be "TL" the name of the resource will be appended as a link
  • the image, amount and Text are connected in a no-wrap element so it will not break at some point in the middle, so situations like Coins
    200 or Coins 3,000
    Coins do not happen
  • A size may be given as an additional parameter - if no size is given, the standard value is 20px
  • All Icons created using this template are linked to the anchor named after the used Resource on the Page Resources. To set an anchor on the Resources Page, use the code
    <span id=XXXX></span>
    XXX being the resources name and between the span tags the name and Icon should be used.
  • The corresponding image to the referenced resource has to have the name of the resource + ".png" (e.g. if you want to use the template as {{R|Coins}} the corresponding image "Coins.png" has to exist)
Code gives
Orichalcum 80
Goods 300
Lumber 40 Lumber
Iron Iron
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