On  the battle map, there are different types of terrain. Forests, bushes, rocks, hills, water bodies, plains and swamps are examples of them.

The Terrain offers two different effects in the game: Firstly, it affects movement. Water areas are impassable, and other types of terrain costs extra movement points when they are crossed.

On the other hand, terrain can give battle bonuses: light unit get defense bonuses in bushes and forests, heavy units are better protected in plains, artillery units receive an attack bonus when they shoot from hills, whereas those with ranged units attacks deal more damage standing on rocks. Only fast units do not receive benefits through the terrain. Rough terrain benefits ranged units that stand behind it as both melee classes have movement range that are significantly smaller, therefore allowing you to hit the enemy effectively without the enemy attacking your ranged units the following turn.

Fast unit and artillery unit can't move on rocks. Artillery units can't move on swamps. Proper use of terrains can make or break the combat. It is often worth 1 extra turn to get on the terrain you need rather than charge in and attack the enemy.

Light Units:

light units receive a defense bonus in bushes and forests, allowing them to greatly increase their defense to even withstand heavy units. They receive an attack bonus against fast units, which is important as the AI will command fast units to always go after and target both ranged units and artillery units first, so defeating them quickly is a necessity.

Ranges Units:

ranged unit has advantage a lot of damage and can able to kill preceded heavy units and maybe same-age light units in 2 hits, but cannot escape from the enemy fast units, light units and artillery units (unless there is rough of terrain in the way) due to their moderate speed and also cannot take predeced fast units in 2 hits due to fast unit's defense bonus vs ranged units, but can escape only against heavy units

Fast units:

Up until the Progressive Era, they are usually the third unlocked units, they do not have any terrain bonuses, also fastest units are best used against both ranged classes, that have the highest speed, but moderate attack and defense against all same-age units. Fast units can’t move on rocks, nor trenches.

Altillary Units:

Heavy Units:

the Heavy units can effectively protect the units behind (for example both ranged units and artillery units) the line, or block the path altogether. Heavy units are very effective at defending and can protect both ranged classes to eliminate enemy attackers, such as light units and fast units. Due its high defense and defense bonus on plains, heavy units are should used against any other melee units.

Movement Table

In the Progressive Era, movement costs increase by 50%, as map scaling is increased to 1.5. In addition trenches, entrenchments, barbed wire and broken ground make their first appearance in the Progressive Era. NOTE: Flying units can move onto any hex tiles that units of that type cannot ordinarily travel. For example, attack helicopters are fast units that can move onto rock tiles.

Terrain Movement Cost Pre-PE

(PE onwards)

Light  Ranged  Fast  Heavy  Artillery 
Plain 2 (3) yes yes yes yes yes
Bush 3 (4.5) yes yes yes yes yes
Forest 3 (4.5) yes yes yes yes yes
Hills 4 (6) yes yes yes yes yes
Rock 4 (6) yes yes - yes -
Swamp 6 (9) yes yes yes yes -
Trench (6) yes yes - -
Entrenchment (6) yes yes
Barbed Wire (7.5) yes yes yes yes yes
Broken Ground (6) yes yes
Lake (3) Can't be passed unless  Flying[1]
Rubble (9)
House (9)














  1. ↑ or Strike Teams or other specific units.
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