This quest is given only if Sheik Al-Rais' four provinces -- Amaryah City, Khail, Batif and Hafar Al Karak -- were taken over entirely by negotiation.


Your Grace!

Sheik Al-Rais sent us a letter. He is on his yacht somewhere, enjoying his time with his wives. He is very enthusiastic about you dealing with his mad brother and wants to express his thanks. He also sent you some presents.


  • Motivate or polish 1 building
  • GRBUContribute 11 Forge Points to Great Buildings or research a technology


Your Grace!

Al-Rais certainly knows how to express his gratitude.


  • 100 Diamonds

Additional Information

Abortable: NO

Previous Quest: Madman the Martyr

Next Quest: Dictator's Downfall or Dictator's Drama

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