Noble Ruler!

This is really weird. I found a car with a strange device in my laboratory. I have no idea how it got there. I need a few goods to do some research.

  • Pay 27 Copper
  • Pay 27 Gold


Noble Ruler!

I was able to salvage the car and extract the device from it. I call it 'flux condensator'. I still wonder, though - I have no clue about its purpose or how it got into my laboratory.

  • Hidden RewardHidden reward [27 Smart Materials]
  • Hidden RewardHidden reward [27 Translucent Concrete]

Additional Information

This quest is a reference to the American sci-fi film series Back to the Future, which features a car with a "flux capacitor", enabling it to travel in time.

Abortable - YES

Previous Quest: The Leader of Tomorrow

Next Quest: The Time Machine (quest 2/3 in this side questline)

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