Your Highness!

As most people have television sets these days, I want to make shows for it. First, I want to shoot a series about this well-known stuntman that works as a bounty hunter in his spare time. And of course he needs a cool car! Awesome idea, don't you think?


  • Car Factory 5 Produce pick-up trucks 2 times[1]
  • Gather 80,000 Coins


Your Highness!

People didn't really like my show about 'The Get Up Guy', but I have other ideas... maybe 'Squire Rider', a series about a talking boat? Or 'The B-Team', a show about a team of business specialists that are hunted by the government? I have so many ideas...


  • Random Reward Random Reward

Additional Information

Abortable: YES

Previous Quest: Protect the Environment

Next Quest: Deep Thought


  1. Pickup Truck is 8-hour production of Car Factory
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