Your Grace!

Another message from Katsu: "So you do want to help me! There is a problem I could use your support with; the east of the empire is controlled by Admiral Yamamoto Isao. He is old and weak, but he could still pose a problem. Take care of him!


  • IPROV Acquire 1 sector of Chigikawa
  • GOBU Gather 10 goods


Your Grace!

So now we will have to deal with the admiral first, before we can get back to Ishiwara Katsu.


  • 1 FPM
  • 1 FPS

Additional Information

Abortable: NO

This quest probably appears if you have negotiated with Ishiwara Katsu only and haven't acquired any sectors of Chigikawa yet.

Previous Quest: To Become Emperor

Next Quest: Islands in the Sun

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