Noble Ruler!

I borrowed one of Mandrubar's recent inventions. It is called 'flux condensator'. It looks as awesome as it sounds! I wonder what it is good for - it looks like it should be built into a car. Let me try!

  • Pay 27 Smart Materials
  • Pay 27 Translucent Concrete


Noble Ruler!

Something happened. I am not sure what... but the car with the flux condensator is gone. All that is left is this old stuff that I removed from it before.

  • Hidden RewardHidden reward [27 Gold]
  • Hidden RewardHidden reward [27 Copper]

Additional Information

You will only receive this quest if you help Mandrubar research the flux condensator in the previous quest.

Abortable - YES

Previous quest: The Flux Condensator (quest 1/3 in this side questline)

Next quest: Flux Condensator Gone (quest 3/3 in this side questline)

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