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[[Category:Cultural Buildings]]
[[Category:Cultural Buildings]]
[[Category:Bronze Age]]
[[Category:Bronze Age]]
[[Category:Public Bath]]

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Theater is the very first "premium" building of type Cultural Buildings this big building (size 4x3) cost 100 Diamonds and provides 540 Happiness. Personally recommend build Public Bath

Other Cultural Buildings

Cultural Buildings
Bronze Age SchoolStone CircleTavernTheater[1]
Iron Age Amphitheater[1]Public BathTriumphal Arch
Early Middle Ages GallowsInnMarketplacePillory[1]
High Middle Ages ChurchDoctorPrinter[1]
Late Middle Ages AcademyCartographerLibraryPalace[1]
Colonial Age CoiffeurExotic Goods VendorTrading CompanyTravelling Circus[1]
Industrial Age Natural History Museum[1]Police StationSaloonWater Pumping Station
Progressive Era City ParkElectrical PlantMetro EntrancePublishing HouseZeppelin[1]
Modern Era American DinerAmusement Park[1]Drive-In TheaterRoller Derby Track
Postmodern Era Golf CourseMusic Festival[1]Public PoolZoo
Contemporary Era Casino[1]Floating MarketShopping MallZen Garden
Tomorrow Era Concept Vehicle FairHologram Arena[1]Surveillance NexusTower Club
Future Era Algae AirshipConcert Hall[1]Eco ParkWeather Control Station
Arctic Future Blue Lagoon[1]Communication TowerHolo-Holiday Park[1]Personal Rapid TransportVertical Zoo
Oceanic Future Coral Reef[1]Maelstrom DynamoSeafood Restaurant[1]Secret CoveShipwreckTrading DepotTurtle Rescue CentreWater DomeWater Park[1]
Virtual Future Dragon CasinoGiant Robot[1]Karaoke BarParade
Space Age Mars Satellite DishSpace Academy[1]
Space Age Asteroid Belt Belt Mining H.Q.Asteroid Stock Exchange[1]
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