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    10:36, June 3, 2019

    Hello Pafton, Your status indicates that you're away but I'll leave this message here for when you return, lest I forget.

    I have collected the images of all 12 vases in the Archaeology Event. Can I go ahead and place them in the page? I realised that one of your edits removed the image column from the page hence my asking.

    PS: My images were extracted from the browser version of the game so they are already PNG with transparent backgrounds.


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    • Hi Franzalex

      Yes, I was on a holiday but am back now. I'm glad to hear that you've got all the images. I did indeed remove the image column as it was vacant for a long time and so, to prevent the page from remaining 'incomplete', I removed it.

      I see that you've added the images to the vases in the table. Good that you did that. The page does look more lively now :)

      Sincerely, Pafton (talk){Main Admin} 08:21, May 13, 2019 (UTC)

      PS: In the future, you needn't ask for permission for such things. I assure you that I'll be more than willing to allow you to do so. :)

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    • Helle Pafton

      Welcome back from your holiday, and thanks for oyour kind words too.

      My work shedule isn't too permissive that I can spend so much time on this wiki. However, whenever I get the chance, I'll update articles hosted here whenever possible.


      Franzalex53 (talk)

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