• The wiki has been somewhat disorganized, I think we need time to reorganize as the formats are different for every page. Some people are uploading pictures just to get the badge. Some are just slacking.

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    • Want me to help? I'm right now doing all the Technologies, about to finish the last Progressive Era Tech's to add, but I still need pics, and I know Jester is good at it :)

      My plan was to have 2 pics, the Tech_0 (locked) and the Tech_1 (Unlocked) Idk if that's possible for you guys, I already have the Tech_0 at High-Rises Page :)

      + I'm going to add everything of Great Buildings and i'll go over all the Goods too :)

      I like big projects :p but you guys can help with additional information, or writing some text. I'm not that good at writing text for a page, + English isn't my mother tounge, so ...

      edit: Just after I posted this, I noticed that you (Auniverse) deleted the image link, that didn't exist yet, at Modern Explosives, so I'll leave the images to you guys, and I'll go over all my pages, and delete the still missing images :)

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    • Agree. We should make standard format for pages. I think we also need something to stop people from random editing. Sorry that I have been idle for months but will come back in few days.

      GodofNeon, keep up the good work. My English also suck so don't mind it, to me it is a good chance to improve my English and there are people who can help us to correct the grammar error.

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