On the FOE Wiki

I used the FoE Wiki to find out conditions of different quests, and then I saw that there is no information about HMA and only one LMA quest on the Side Quests page. So I started to add these quests to the Wiki when I got them in the game. Unfortunately, I was able to add very few HMA side quests but the LMA side quests collection seems rather nice now.

In the FOE game

My nickname in the game is also bobikz. I've been playing on B-world (Brisgard) of the US server for 2,5 years.

Currently I'm in the Contemporary Era and haven't spent any money on the game.

My game principles:

  • I attack neither NPCs (province owners) nor my neighbours and buy all the provinces. I used to attack only 5 times at the very start of the game and didn't like it.
  • I build my city so that it would be as much comfortable as possible and I would like to live there myself. For example, it means that I still have a school although it's a Bronze Age building, extremely inefficient in later ages.
  • I want my city to look realistic. That means no Future Era Great Buildings when still in the Middle Ages.

This strategy will not give you many game points and will not help you succeed. Actually, it will only make the game harder to play. I know I'm weird)))))))

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