aka Demon²

  • I live in Cinicinnati
  • I was born on May 7
  • My occupation is Wikia, Basketball, Nerfing, etc.
  • I am Male

About Me

Hello! Call me Demon²

I am a 14 year old, homeschooled FoE player that lives in the USA. I am a technical warlord, when it comes to the game. I am a technical giant, when it comes to real life. I do other things other than play FoE, but Forge of Empires is my favorite game, for sure. My profile name is demondemon54.

The Universal Bureau of FoE Players has stated "This player is a force to be reckoned with. Do not actively attack his defending army, at a 90% boost, no-one stands a chance"

I don't get it

I don't get it

Now that makes sense

Now that makes sense

Quests Carnival (small)

My Game Progress

I started playing FoE in April 2018, and since then I started to play just about every day I got the opportunity. However, I soon began to stop playing. Full of boredom, I turned to creating short, stop-motion films. I then decided to return to FoE.

Starting from the Iron Age, I soon progressed through several ages, becoming a dominating warlord, and having won at lest 390 battles to span my whole game. I settled down in several guilds, the Silmarils, in the BA, and then, the Knights of Fire in the HMA. I am now currently in the LMA, with a 1.5 million economy and more military buildings than 15 players need. My guild status is currently The Howling, one of the top 30 guilds, and *whew*, am I lucky!

I usually take place in GvG, PvP, and GE, all of which help me progress through the game. You can find me playing in the worlds Qunrir, Xyr, and Angkor.

World Progress

  1. Qunrir: LMA, High progress, Oracle of Delphi & Tower of Babel. Working on [ The Arc. Have 32 provinces captured.
  2. Xyr: EMA, Medium progress, Oracle of Delphi.
  3. Angkor: EMA, Just started it.

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