I am a FoE player from November 6th, 2012 and this wiki has always come in handy whenever I wanted to find some info about the game. I will help here and there whenever I have something to add. I play in the US server, Cirgard is my main world, Brisgard, Greifental and East-Nagach help me accumulate some diamonds. I have a world in the international server in Arvahall that keeps me updated in advance of future changes in the US server.

The game, as of October 2019 has evolved a lot. I can no see myself stopping to play any time soon. Probably because of belonging to an strong Guild and being at the end of the Tech Tree. I have no idea how could I join the game right now and see that impossible tech tree in front of me and not to give up so I always rush to the end and dedicate the rest of the time to accumlate FPs and resources for a new Era/Age.

What I like about Forge of the Empires

  • Easy to play and I can decide how much time to dedicate.
  • I may open many worlds and try different strategies... plus Diamonds acquired accumulate per server.
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