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Hello I'm currently playing my main in US-5 East-Nagach server now [2020-10-12] I've now completed the SAAB tech tree and have 5 more asteroid provinces to scout before completing the campaign map as well. I'm active in Guild Expeditions and Guild Battlegrounds each week.

I'm also playing an alt in US-1 Arvahall server now in Iron Age [2020-05-08] Early Middle Ages [2020-05-26] High Middle Ages [2020-06-21] Late Middle Ages [2020-07-19] Colonial Age [2020-10-12] to review story/side/recurring quests in the early ages for this community.

My favorite pages


  • Updating Story Quests, Side Quests, and Recurring Quests that I'm on now or recently completed.
  • Now as content moderator for quests I'm creating Category:Quest Giver Infoboxes to help the community author quest content and select the infobox corresponding to quest giver.
  • Main project I'm working on with the content team right now is to update quests with a convenient template Template:Quest, catalog all the known story/side/recurring quests, and improve navigation for example with these side quest nav boxes e.g. Template:EMA Side Quests.

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