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Hello I'm currently playing my main in US-5 East-Nagach server now [2020-06-09] working my way through Space Age Asteroid Belt after having finished all of the map and tech of Space Age Mars for quite a while. My activity in Guild Expeditions and Guild Battlegrounds each week will probably take a hit until I catch up to the age difficulty.

I recently completed the Egypt Expedition with bonus but was not as excited by the mechanics, and the 2020 Archaeology event to full level 11 dirigible without spending diamonds.

I'm also playing an alt in US-1 Arvahall server now in Iron Age [2020-05-08] Early Middle Ages [2020-05-26] High Middle Ages [2020-06-21] Late Middle Ages [2020-07-19] to review story/side/recurring quests in the beginning ages.

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  • Updating Story Quests, Side Quests, and Recurring Quests that I'm on now or recently completed.
  • Now as content moderator for quests I'm creating Category:Quest Giver Infoboxes to help the community author quest content and select the infobox corresponding to quest giver.
  • Main project I'm working on with the content team right now is to update quests with a convenient template Template:Quest, catalog all the known story/side/recurring quests, and improve navigation for example with these side quest nav boxes e.g. Template:EMA Side Quests.

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