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About the Bear

I joined the game back in 2015, got to the High Middle Ages, then gave up to play World of Tanks Blitz. I started a new account in December 2016 on Brisgard. After getting to the Modern Era, I quit the game for over a year to pursue other interests. I have now returned after massive fallout with the FoE wiki team.  

Starting a new world on Vingrid, I founded a new city- BaldHeadington.  

I split my time between mobile and PC versions of the game while focusing mostly on mobile. My play style is aggressive, as I regularly go through the neighborhood by attacking everyone. It is actually a very effective way of getting goods and that last bit of supplies I need for a building.

Hopefully, as I edit the military sections of the wiki I can help those known as "noobs" to get better and reduce the number of people who have incomplete or default defenses.

Any questions or concerns goes right on my message wall.

Currently Working On

  • Editing the grammar on pages (Most are pretty bad).
  • Adding images of military units to their respective pages.
  • Standardizing all military unit pages.
  • Updating all the Changelogs.

The Story of BaldHeadington

The story will be updated as BaldHeadington develops. Any resemblence to real world events, past, present, or future, are merely coincidental and do not reflect the views of LawthePolarBear.

BaldHeadington was founded on June 3, 2019 in a field in the Iberian Peninsula. We reached the Iron Age on June 6. Right from the start, BaldHeadington suffered from heavy coin shortages, and depended on being nice to neighbors to pay for soldiers and housing. The militaristic ways of BaldHeadington were unable to be followed, as no neighbors can be attacked until the middle of the Iron Age. Therefore, we sat and prepared for the fights ahead. 

Story of the Rise and Fall of Derpatron

The below story is mostly for entertainment. The views of Derpatron do not necessarily represent my own views of life and the world. I do not own liability to any damages caused by building a ton of military buildings.

The current Derpatron started in December of 2016 in a small island off the coast of Siberia. At that time, the Winter Event was already a few days in, and Derpatron completed the quests to receive a Winter Pyramid and a Log Cabin, as well as a Festive Tree and the most prized building at the time- Santa's Workshop. LawthePolarBear also made a few impulsive decisions and wasted 300 of our prized diamonds on trying to get a Rogue Hideout, which did not succeed.

In the Bronze Age, Law met one of his friends, Superlimo, who was one of the few people who knew how to have a defense in the neighborhood. Our empire regularly attacked all the neighbors and beat most of them, earning valuable goods and supplies. Our great empire moved on to Central Europe after five days and accepted the rule of the Roman Empire, and then LawthePolarBear took the throne.

We moved onto the Iron Age after moving to Central Europe. We invested a lot in Soldiers, building four Soldier Barracks. We attacked the neighbors and promptly plundered them. We started guild expeditions with the guild Federation of LOD, and started planning for a great building.

We started to donate to a Zeus, which we hoped to increase our attack power. We put down Butchers to augment our production of supplies, which was starting to run low. Before the Roman Empire fell, we quickly managed to put up a Zeus to defeat the barbarians who came, saving us from the anarchy that nearby areas had.

As the Dark Early Middle Ages began, we quickly upgraded our Soldiers to Mercenaries to counter ourselves from the barbarian tribes. We also began feudalism, to compensate for these hard times. We ran low on supplies and relied on our Shoemakers to provide. We kept attacking our neighbors to keep them off our land. We waited a bit before the High Middle Ages as we moved our town to England.

We moved into the High Middle Ages on 1/10/2017. The Town Hall was upgraded, and then the Tour de France Quest line started. Derpatron worked hard and managed to get the Kiosk which provided much needed goods. However, we were still short on supplies.

On the world map, we were constantly staying on top of the tournaments, and a steady amount of medals flowed to us. As we continued to defeat the nooby tribes in the expeditions, we managed to get a Temple of Relics right before our transition to the Late Middle Ages. At this time we also transitioned to Monarchy, with LawthePolarBear as king.

The Carnival Event started right as we were at the end of the High Middle Ages, and we marveled at neighbors who had Cannons on defense. We quickly progressed to the Late Middle Ages to get better event buildings.

We stayed in England, and quickly built Great Sword Warrior Barracks and expanded our use of ranged units with the Longbow Archer. From the guild expedition, we got 100 Forge Points and used it impulsively on our Zeus, to level it up to level 4. We also got three Tribal Squares, 6 Gate of the Sun God, 3 Face of the Ancient, and 2 Ritual Flames.

In the Carnival Event using our superior luck, we managed to win the top prize of the Mask Statue two times, a feat that very few can say they achieved. We stopped research to get supplies, which was constantly in shortage. We upgraded our Alchemists to Breweries, to get more supplies. We also built some Estate houses and got an Apartment House from the Guild Expeditions and a Manor from the Carnival Event.

Finally, at the conclusion of the of the Carnival Event, we used our hearts to get- 2 Shrines of Inspiration, 1 Shrine of Awe, 1 Champion’s Retreat, 1 Color Guard Camp, 2 Masquerade Balls, 1 Venice Canal, 1 Watchfire, and 16 Eagle Statues.

Then, we managed to get a Palace from the Guild Expedition. Our leader LawthePolarBear moved in.

We stopped all research and development of new tech to donate to a Hagia Sofia to try and raise the happiness of our city, so we can improve our military strength. We succeeded, and put our Hagia down. Very shortly, we managed to get enough Cathedral of Aachen blueprints and replaced our Tribal Squares with this Cathedral, kicking out the tribes who we tried to civilize.

We finished our LMA research and started researching Colonial Age Technologies. We did not build a Heavy Knight Stable due to their inferiority to Great Sword Warriors. In two ill-fated auto battles, we were dealt two total defeats with an unattached Musketeer and 2 unattached cannons being killed. We have learned to not rely on auto battle ever again.

We reached the Colonial Age on 3/14/17, as the Einstein event started. We quickly researched the Musketeer Range so we start attacking people with ease. We built a bunch of Sailmakers to replace the Breweries we had.

We quickly built our two Musketeer Ranges and used them to clear parts of our Continent map. They were very effective for killing LMA units. Quickly, we researched Rangers and built 4 Ranger Encampments, taking full advantage of their stealth ability.

We started replacing our Estate Houses with Arcade Houses while dealing with problems maintaining our enthusiastic population. We removed our Color Guard Camp, deeming them unable to continue combat in the Colonial Age.

As the Spring Event started, we received the Zen Zone and a One Story Pagoda. We also built a Lighthouse of Alexandria to help our supply productions. We grabbed a Rogue Hideout as well as four of the 5 pieces of the Cherry Blossom set.

As we continued to complete the main questline, we received two Jaegar Infantry, both of which were promptly killed by Grenadiers in a neighbor attack. We also received two Riflemen, which we used to great effect in Guild Expeditions, before they were lost as well.

The Spring Event ended and we managed to get the full Cherry Blossom set. We also got a Shrine of Knowledge. We laid down our Castel del Monte. As our empire grew, we researched Grenadiers and Dragoons, putting those units in our army to help with Guild Expeditions. At this point, we were a very developed city with a small colony in the New World. We built our Colonial Age goods buildings, which were to be Wire and Coffee.

In the New World, we defeated General Dee and attacked the North, which was owned by a man who seemed very similar to Abraham Lincoln, as our historians from our alternate universe noted. We got to the end of the Colonial Age and got ready to industrialize, which the rest of Britain was already doing. We scouted the PE mainland of Europe, but we did not dare to scout, as Progressive Era troops such as the Tank would wreck our Rangers.

The time came for us to get into the Industrial Age. We prepared for a long time, saving our research and forge points. We got our Majestic Maypole to allow our children to have fun before the hard military labor they would have to endure. We amounted huge stores of supplies and coins. Then, we managed to move into the Industrial Age on 5/16/17.

We instantly built twoRifleman Ranges and three Jaegar Encampments. We managed to destroy the Guild Expedition natives that were still in LMA, since we waited until GE just started before advancing into the InA. We got all the way up to Stage 4 before our veteran troops were whipped by the natives who had superior attack and defense boosts.

We continued to go through supply shortages, so we built three Chemical Plants and Gunsmiths to help with supply production. We also built a small section near these factories with Old Wall South and Old Wall East which contained a Gate of the Sun God. Continuing our attacking of our neighbors with our new Riflemen, we raided for many goods and forge points.

Our great leader told us to research technologies as fast as possible, so we quickly unlocked Sett Paved Roads. Shortly after, we researched our Lancers, and got a Lord's Manor. We put down a Whaling Station and a Textile Mill as well. Unfortunately, we got switched into a new neighborhood where almost everyone was in the Industrial Age. Our seasoned troops found it difficult to win battles without losses.

We found the rest of Europe and had our first encounter with Rapid Fire Cannons and Snipers. Then, when we attacked a neighbor, we saw our first Conscript and the Progressive Era battlefield, which our generals quickly started learning about.

Putting in new houses for our residents also occurred. We found room for Boarding Houses and Workers' Houses, while demolishing our old buildings. We put in a wealthy section of Victorian Houses.

We reorganized our city and debated whether we should build a Water Pumping Station. The debate continued for many days. We put down 2 Ceramics Factories to aid in our supply production. We reached the end of the Industrial Age and put down our Howitzer Factory and marveled at the ability to hit units in stealth.

We saved up to put down Victorian Houses as they replaced our old houses. Law decided to move away from his aging Palace and into the town hall, which had all the luxuries that our modern day society had.

We built our Water Pumping Station to help our citizens, who were growing unhappy. Then, the number one king in our neighboring area started attacking us. We quickly mobilized our riflemen and set out for revenge. our troops fought bravely against the 145% defense this king had. Our troops demolished the enemy defense and we managed to plunder some rubber. Our troops learned that rubber is not good for burning soon after.

Derpatron planned to move into the Progressive Era as soon as the Summer Event starts. Our great leader Law feared the two lane roads and new battle system, and made preparations for the Progressive Era.

Meanwhile, on the world map, Derpatron made a grave error. Law insisted that we side with the Central Powers in World War I, saying that he had this weird feeling that he has experienced this war before, so we attacked the nation of Great Britain before all three sectors (Germany, France, and Great Britain) were scouted. Our advisor, the great Princess Myciena, told us that we have somehow started a war against all nations, so we had to attack Germany. REMEMBER- SCOUT ALL THREE SECTORS OF THE PROGRESSIVE ERA MAP AFTER HAVRE BEFORE ATTACKING ANY OF THEM TO FULLY ENJOY THE QUESTLINE!

We saved up 220 Forge Points from Great Building contributions and finally reached the Progressive Era on 6/27/17, one day before the Summer Event of 2017.

Once again, we reached the new era just as a new guild expedition started, allowing our new Rapid Fire Cannons to decimate Colonial Age units. We put down our first two lane roads and built a Ordnance Factory and an Armored Car Factory. We also started thinking of a place to put our criminals, and Law thought of putting a prison on an island and calling it Alcatraz. However, this was to be done after we reach the end of the Progressive Era.

Unlike other nations during the period, Law quickly realized the importance of Tanks and we put aside land for two Tank Factories.

The Summer Event of 2017 started, and Derpatron won a Zeppelin, which was put next to our Shrines of Inspiration. We also won the two missing buildings for the Indian Palace Set, but we did not put them down due to space concerns.

On September 2, 2017, Derpatron was destroyed by the combined forces of Pafton and the FOE wiki staff. LawthePolarBear escaped harm and is now living a quiet life outside of FOE.

Derpatron Through the Ages

Derpatron at the height of the Industrial Age, circa 6/15/17