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"Well then, I am 22 years old now. And I have been an Administrator of the wiki after the previous one left the wiki. I mostly did mass editings to the pages to make them look more similar or fix some minor issues, introduced templates. etc. However, now I stopped playing the game and there for the wiki because it was dragging out a lot and I mostly chatted. However I am still open to questions if you have some.
~Mamazu (19.02.2018)"


It's Mamazu, who joined the wiki in March 2016. I wanted to contribute my part to this awesome community project that did help me too. I started and I am still today specializing myself on standardizing pages so that the overall look of similar buildings is consistent.

In game[]

First and foremost my main world is Djengu where I am currently in the Progressive Era and getting to know the pain of the Two-lane street connection required two-lane roads and their buildings. In this world I tried to build up my own guild which worked out well in the start but I couldn't keep players active so it went down hill in the end. But as I just recently started a new Account on Bisgard the second EN server, I will try to contribute to the map and sector information as well. But I am also trying the best to keep everything up to date.

My favorite pages[]


  • Standardizing more pages
  • Trying to get images into the wiki
  • Adding useful information


You can either contact me on my Message Wall, on Twitter (see link up there)