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Hi! I've joined Wiki on June 14, 2017 and been one of the administrators here until February 6, 2018.

In game[]

I decided to create an account on Beta server (Harleen) on March 9, 2017. It gave me incredible experience with so many helpful and friendly people all over that I had changed my main world to Beta and stopped playing elsewhere.

Since the time when I first opened my city in Beta, I've been doing my best to progress as fast as I could to the Oceanic Future, which I find captivating as it's something between Venice & steampunk style. However, I have decided to stay in AF, as I now find this era to be the best for recurring quests.

Currently I'm already in Arctic Future (reached it in 168 days). Spent no money on doing that.

In Dunarsund (Beta) I'm one of the founders at #2 guild "DragonStar". We're recruiting GvG fighters, and are one of the most helpful and wonderful guilds on Beta. Message me to get an invitation :)

I've been participating in different contests on the Forum:

If you need any guidance on guild expeditions, current events or progressing in game you can always contact me :)

My favorite pages[]

My Creations[]


You can either contact me on my Message Wall or on the Beta server (Harleen).