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Dedicated player, team player in heart, fanatic music lover, follows several principles, not just ingame, that will always stay truth to:

  • Actions say more than words.
  • Practice what you preach.
  • Lead by example.


I've been using and following the wiki's various sources throughout most of my game career, drawing vast amounts of knowledge improving my overall game experience and occasionally contributing small bits of missing information. Eventually after two generous offers to be part of the wiki team and overcoming the scepticism of knowing close to nothing about website editing I've finally gave in realising that is no coincidence for such an opportunity, and since early 2022 I'm more than happy to give something back to the community by expanding the well of knowledge this site is to the game we all love.

Favorite pages[]

A.I. Core - the first page I've actively participated on making and filling in the data

Space Age Jupiter Moon and various connected pages - where I got to practice making and structuring parts of a page

Notable ingame accomplishments[]