Pafton Pafton 14 August 2019

Overhauling the FoE Wiki

Here, I'll be talking about how 2019's been for the Forge of Empires Wiki (from my perspective).

The first quarter of 2019 recorded an abysmal activity rate from my side. Indeed, one contribution in 3 months, and that too being a simple reply to a post on my message wall. My work is partly to blame for this, as I got a backlog of cases which I had to deal with. Coupling this with the fact that I was studying for my Bachelor's degree and that I did not find time to play the game makes it a perfect recipe for inactivity. I returned on 5 April to make amends for my previous inactivity and fulfill my duties as Main Admin. This blog post is to highlight the steps which I took to revitalize and overhaul the FoE Wiki and its community, both of whi…

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Pafton Pafton 9 April 2019

Content Moderators

This blog post consolidates all information that one might need about being a Content Moderator (CM) on this wiki. Since being a CM is the first step of management in this wiki, it is imperative that a proper guide should be there explaining all about the role.

  • 1 Context of CMs on FoE Wiki
  • 2 How do I become a CM?
  • 3 Powers & Responsibilities
  • 4 What's Beyond CM?

Historically, FoE Wiki was not one to have CMs. However, with the growing size and ever-increasing community, coupled with dissatisfactory performance of some admins, the need was felt to expand the administration with the addition of CMs. Generally, a CM doesn't remain one for long over here and is soon promoted to the admin position. Of course, this solely lies at the discretion of the Main…

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Pafton Pafton 25 September 2018

A Shift of Roles

Most of you know me by now. A question that must have surely popped up in more than one mind would be that why has my time on the wiki reduced? It seems disproportionately less nowadays compared to what I used to do earlier. I've written about it, as well as my history and the circumstances which led me to taking a decision, below. If you're rather in a hurry, you might skip to the 2nd from the bottom paragraph.

I also remember that I'm the last surviving member on the team who was appointed by Auctorius, and as such, it would not be fair to let his legacy die down. I fondly recall that day on 4th March 2017, when I became Administrator. I remember messaging him pledging my 'alleigance' to the wiki, though he has already left. From then on,…

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