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Honouring the Trailblazers
★ Content Moderator ★

This time I'll be introducing you to the contributions of Devilsangel01, a person I hold in great respects and one I shall always be grateful to for everything she has done.

First, a bit of context. Devilsangel was one of the team members who wasn't directly recruited by me. The credit for that goes to the wonderful Mr. Quib. Actually, when he retired in December 2018, I tasked him to find a suitable replacement and he gave us Devilsangel. Soon after that, I went on a leave of absence from January to March 2019 due to some professional reasons.

Now, a brief look at the team dynamics of that time. I was away, and my other co-Main Admin wasn't keeping in the best of health. As such, she couldn't devote much time to the wiki. Out of the three admins, two were incommunicado. And the two moderators were Devilsangel and another person (who didn't really do anything much). So, as much as I dislike saying it, the new CM did not have a support structure, and there was barely anyone around to help her out with the wiki.

During these three months (Jan - Mar 19), three events were released - the Forge Bowl, Carnival and Spring ones. Generally events form the bulk of our traffic, so those pages are quite high-maintenance. I am proud to say that Devilsangel managed those pages very well and with utmost dedication. Also, in those times new features like the Cultural Settlements, Reconstruction Mode and the Space Age Mars were released. Her contributions have been appreciated.

In April 2019, I returned and some new members were recruited. Things once again normalised then. On more than one occasion, she was offered the post of admin, but she turned it down citing time commitments. Eventually, she took absences due to personal reasons. However, she used to return to update the daily specials on the events pages every single time, which led to her being awarded the "Editor of the Month" title for January 2020.

In February 2021, she stepped down from her duties, and at that time was the longest serving Content Moderator. Even now, she can be found diligently updating the daily specials for the events. Kudos to her dedication and consistency!

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