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Honouring the Trailblazers
★ Administrator ★

Today's trailblazer is Mr.Quib, who joined the team in February 2018 and was admin from April of the same year till December.

In February of 2018, our most active admin Nike Aisling abruptly stepped down. In an unprecedented move, the three CMs were promoted to admin at once. But for all practical purposes, the actual active staff was much lesser. Quib came as a breath of energy to the wiki and its team when they were at a very low point.

For a large part of the year, Quib was the all-rounder admin. Be it the events, or the new age, or the Cultural Settlements feature, there was nothing Quib could not handle. His proficiency even in the quests pages was quite remarkable. I wonder if there was anything he could not do.

As an editor, Mr.Quib could be described as a workaholic. His wiki skills were top notch and all his contributions were orderly and methodical. Sorting and categorising images is not an easy task, but Quib was very fond of that. I remember he was excellent in resolving conflicts. Indeed, quite a large number of wiki level disputes have been resolved during his tenure. His graphical and visual editing skills were noteworthy.

In the end, managing everything without much assistance from the rest of the team contributed to a lot of burnout. Throughout his tenure as administrator, there was no content moderator to help him out with the tasks. The very fact that he was offered the position of Main Admin - the highest one can achieve on the Forge of Empires Wiki - bears an apt testimony to his prowess. However, very understandably, he turned it down as the commitment was becoming too large. He gave the team two replacement CMs - Devilsangel01 and Diisel, and then stepped down.

I suppose Mr. Quib still plays the game, and possibly even visits the wiki, just as a reader maybe. Quib, if you are reading this, I am personally grateful for everything you've done and wish you the best in life.