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Honouring the Trailblazers
Nike Aisling
★ Administrator ★

Today we honour the contributions of Nike Aisling, also known as Harleen, to the Forge of Empires Wiki. She joined us as a Content Moderator in the middle of August 2017, and as a testament to her prowess, rose to the position of Administrator within just a month. Although she was with us for a relatively shorter time, barely six months, her impact on the wiki and its processes cannot be overstated.

I recall Harleen being very very technically sound - at least with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Primarily, her contributions can be seen till date in the beautification and visual design aspects. She created the beautiful milestone rewards banner which has now become a trademark of our events pages, along with some other visual elements. Her inputs in the main page redesign are also noteworthy.

Indeed, Harleen was a powerhouse of activity. I remember the events pages used to be up just a few hours after beginning ingame, and her vociferous advertisements on the beta server forums for the wiki. We also worked out the policies for the Featured Article, and numerous other minute things which would be tedious to list, but can be found all around the site.

Perhaps Harleen's most powerful legacy has been the wiki's achievements. Single-handedly, she created close to 40 individual and unique icons based on the (then) newly implemented in game achievement systems, for different wiki-based actions. I have been a Fandom user since 2012, and have come across countless wikis having different achievement styles, and can proudly say that our wiki trumps them all. And the entire 100% credit for this goes to Nike Aisling.

Moreover, her activity wasn't just restricted to the wiki. Despite our time zones being so different - whether it was in the morning, afternoon, evening or midnight - I could see her on the discord server, tinkering with some or the other aspect. On a lighter note, Harleen was the administrator of this wiki at a time when the "girl power" was at its peak, and was an integral part of the troika of Oraeyn, TiaReshade and herself. We definitely had some "interesting" conversations in the admin chatroom.

But as the saying goes, "All good things must come to an end", so did Harleen's time with us. Despite having such a visionary and radical approach towards design elements, some of us "old-schoolers" (particularly myself) had creative differences with her, which resulted in us parting ways. Probably, burn out also played a role in this, as she was very active and it was bound to have a consequence.

Regardless of the ending, the journey is to be appreciated and cherished. So, join me in thanking Harleen for everything she has done for this wiki.

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