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Honouring the Trailblazers
★ Main Administrator ★

I present to you the achievements of our penultimate Trailblazer - PhoenixFenix

Phoenix's journey on the Forge of Empires Wiki has been quite unique. She is (till date) the only person who has served at all the four administrative positions. She began as a Comments Reviewer, then Content Moderator followed by Admin and finally the pinnacle, that is the Main Admin post. As such, she has the perspectives of being at all parts of the hierarchy, which is an invaluable asset for any team leader.

As a person, she is an utmost professional, and does her tasks methodically and with perfection. Indeed, I cannot remember even a single instance where she made a mistake, and she can adapt very well to the situation at hand. Here is a (not so recent) example: When Beelzebob6666 (former Main Admin) left, someone was needed to handle his data extraction tasks. Phoenix quickly learned the ropes, and soon became quite adept at this. I believe she liked it so much that she began to hunt for the upcoming spoilers. If you've ever been to the beta forums, you must've surely come across one of her such posts. (On a lighter note, it seems to be a rite of passage for the Main Admin to present spoilers on the beta server forums. Myself, Beelzebob6666 and now PhoenixFenix are prime examples of this).

Phoenix became the Main Admin in February of this year. As the team leader, she has fulfilled all the expectations suitably. When the needs arise, she has not shied away from standing up for the team, and I know she has its best interests at heart. Always friendly and communicative, she has set the bar quite high. Any future Main Admin who tries to match her level of skills has a very tough task at hand.

In PhoenixFenix I find a person with immense talent and potential who is the ideal person for this prestigious role. Her swift rise to the top of the pyramid bears an apt testimony to this fact. I see a very bright and illustrious future for her. Keep up the good work!

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