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Honouring the Trailblazers
★ Administrator ★

This week, we are honouring the contributions of none other than Shadowblack, who has been with our team since September 2017, and an administrator since February 2018.

Let's have a look at what he does on the wiki. Mainly, he is responsible for overseeing the Quests sphere - numerically the largest area on the wiki, comprising more than half of the total number of articles. He has in game cities at different ages, and while progressing in the game, he meticulously documents each and every quest encountered - be it story, side or recurring. In addition to this, he is also invested in the upkeep of the provinces pages, by filling in information, narratives, sector armies etc.

In him, I have a trusted friend. I've always appreciated his view of the world, and have consulted him whenever faced with a problem related to his domains of expertise. Whenever I've requested for help with a particular task, or have delegated a project, I am assured that it will be completed to perfection. He has never denied any request, and is very helpful and committed to the matters concerning his spheres.

Generally, he is a very quiet person who usually doesn't concern himself with the everyday happenings in the admin chatroom, unless of course specifically asked for inputs. However, whenever he does message, it is always for something important. From experience, I have learnt that if Shadowblack has brought up an issue, then it's of the highest priority. I will literally drop anything I'm doing and get round to dealing with it. This is the level of trust I have in him.

Most importantly, Shadowblack is a person who has stood with us through thick and thin. During the lowest point of the wiki - when there were only two active members of the team (an admin and a CM) - Shadowblack was one of them. His steadfastness and dedication to the wiki and the admin team know no bounds. We are lucky and ever grateful to have him with us.

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