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Honouring the Trailblazers
★ Wiki Manager ★

This week is dedicated to TheEmbracedOne (TEO), who was the Fandom employed Wiki Manager for us between June 2019 and March 2020. For those who are unaware, Wiki Managers, also called Wiki Representatives now, are basically employees of Fandom whose job is to act as a liaise between the company and the community. They do not necessarily have knowledge of the game, but are more useful in providing technical assistance.

On first glance, it seems a bit strange that one of our Trailblazers is a Fandom employed staff member, a person who wasn't chosen by the wiki and its community. But believe me when I say it- the rapport we shared with TEO was excellent, and the amount of stuff he's done for our wiki has no comparison.

Things between us and TEO started off on the right note. His first action after introducing himself was assuaging us that Wiki Managers will never interfere in the wiki and its processes. He proceeded to describe how he too was an admin of a wiki, and what his apprehensions were after they got a WM. TEO knew our concerns in dealing with a Fandom employee as he too was in this position not very long ago.

We first got a glimpse of his acumen when a dispute between the wiki and some external site using our content without attribution arose. His solid advice was quite helpful in dealing with those people effectively. He also looked into some JavaScript complications and was instrumental in having the "Discussions" feature set up.

I am most grateful to TEO for his insights on the category system. For a long time, the wiki used to just redirect category pages to the corresponding articles. He informed us that this is not the correct way to go about things, and one must have both a category and its article. To the readers unfamiliar with wiki editing all this might seem complicated, so let's suffice to say he told us that a few of our practices were erroneous and causing damage to the site.

Indeed, TEO was a very versatile Wiki Manager whose expertise was not at all limited to just the wiki side of things. He very graciously assisted us with our discord server, setting up role assignment etc.

I could go on and on about the works done by TheEmbracedOne on the wiki. Really, he was quite "perfect" in almost every sense. We were really disappointed when he announced in March 2020 that he was resigning from Fandom. It was the biggest loss to the wiki in terms of wiki managers. However, he most kindly agreed to stay on for a few weeks more while his replacement was found, and performed the necessary introductions between us and them.

Most of the Fandom staff are very friendly and helpful, but they do it as a part of their professional obligations. Once they leave their job, they are not required to continue helping the community. TEO was an exception to that rule, and in the ten months he was with us, we became quite close friends. Currently, he is working on a new game called "Where Birds Go To Sleep", arriving next year. I do advise you to check it out.

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