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Decennial Celebrations of FoE Wiki

Forge of Empires Wiki celebrates its tenth anniversary on the 5th of December, 2021. It is hard to imagine that ten whole years have passed since our wiki's founder, Cocohuang, created this wiki on Fandom, or Wikia, as it was then called.

Ten Years! An entire decade. Its hard to imagine what a phenomenally long period of time this is. Indeed, ten years ago Forge of Empires was a fledgling game by a relatively unknown company. Actually, fun fact, the wiki began in December 2011, while the Open Beta game itself released in April 2012. In a way, we are older than the topic we are based on. Fandom was still known as Wikia, and Oasis (the previous skin) was just introduced (and met with a very lukewarm response). In the era of the internet, ten years is an awe-inspiringly long time. To be alive, and flourishing for a decade is no mean feat. Few have achieved this, and fewer have sustained it.

Now for some statistics. In this decade, we have managed to build up a whopping 55,445 pages, out of which 4,526 are articles. We also have more than 7,200 images, which is huge proportionate to the article number. At any given time, approximately 130 editors are present on the site. In February of this year, we achieved the largest size of the admin team at 15 members (including the Wiki Representative and Social Media moderators). We currently have 13. Eight Main Admins have held charge at various points in the wiki's history, there are 3 at present. The longest tenure Main Admin is yours truly (4 years 6 months), Admin is Shadowblack (3 years 7 months), Content Moderator is Devilsangel01 (2 years 3 months) and Comments Reviewer is Ebsthedrunk (1 year 4 months).

Today, Forge of Empires Wiki is the numero uno source of all information related to the game. All the tools and extensions, including the wildly popular FoEHelper rely on our wiki for the information. We are ranked far, far above the official InnoGames wiki by every metric possible. Whenever players talk about the wiki in forums or messages, they have the trust that we are the one and only authoritative source on game info, in a timely manner. Our events pages are up even before the event actually begins, to give you guys the time to prepare. Yes, it is your trust that makes us tick. We are not paid for our content, but what we do have is passion.

We, the present admin team of this wiki, will honour ten such pioneers, whose (virtual) blood, sweat and tears have made the Forge of Empires Wiki into the most trusted repository of in game knowledge for the players of this beautiful game - the one thread that unites us all. It is due to their efforts that we are one of the top wikis in the Gaming vertical with a peak of 100,000+ page views. The ten trailblazers we have chosen are (in order) - Auctorius, Nike Aisling, Shadowblack, Mr. Quib, Devilsangel01, Puer et morietur II, TheEmbracedOne, Beelzebob6666, PhoenixFenix, and myself. We shall publish a blog post every week highlighting the impact they've made on our site. I consider myself blessed to have worked with eight out of ten names on this list, and out of the remaining two, one is my mentor, and the other, well, myself.

We will also take a tour down the memory lane by taking a look at the history of this wiki (this will be a long one). A post consolidating the achievements and laurels won by the wiki over the past ten years will also be published. Also, we shall discuss what comes ahead for us, including a teaser for some exciting features the wiki will be trying out early next year.

As this is getting too long, I'd like to wrap up by extending a huge thank you to every single one of you who has graced this wiki with your presence, whether as a member of the team, a regular contributor, or as one of our patrons. It is a great challenge to build a wiki, but an even greater one to build a community. We are proud of having achieved this and, with joyful anticipation, look forward to the years to come.

Cheers to a tremendous Ten!


Decennial Celebrations

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