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Honouring the Trailblazers
Puer et morietur II
★ Main Administrator ★

Now the time has come to introduce you to Puer et morietur II who has been with our team since May 2019 followed by being promoted to Administrator in August that same year. Additionally taking on the role of Main Administrator in April 2020.

Events. It is how you would describe Puer et murietur II using one word. He basically lives and breathes them. So quite naturally he is our Events incharge which means he is responsible for the major work when it comes to creating and maintaining our high traffic Event pages.

His interest in Events has been prominent right from when he first started contribute to the wiki during the 2018 Winter Event, before he even became part of the team. It means that so far up until 2021 Winter Event it is 29 Events in total where he has helped out in one way or another (30 if you count his first account and Santa's Workshop in the 2016 Winter Event). Both when it comes to adding content as well as answering questions in the comments. Gradually his contributions grew bigger and bigger until 2019 Fall Event which was the first where he created the actual page right from the start and finally being the major one responsible for most of the work. There has always been different assistants involved to help him out a bit as well, but it does not change the fact Puer is doing the lion's share of the work and deserves a big thank you for that.

Behind it all there is much hard work. Tirelessly he methodically first plays through all Events on Beta in order to collect the necessary data and to make sure he understands every little aspect of them. It also involves reading the announcements and following the forum discussions. All this in order for the Event pages to be created and up well before the live event. And then he just as methodically plays the Events again on live to confirm if there are any differences so everyone else are able to plan ahead and play the events as efficently as possible. It is very unselfish of him and very easy to be grateful. In short it also means there is not much Puer does not know about Events.

In his ambition to know everything possible about Events Puer also has his big ever ongoing project where he strives to collect all the quest requirements for every age. The data like so much else in the Events has to be collected manually while playing through them. He is able to cover some ages with multiple cities of his own, but also has a couple regular helpers for some of the other ages. Even though as of now there isn’t enough volunteers for every age to be fully covered.

Besides the Events Puer also has a certain fondness for Portraits and from time to time has been seen to add some trivia. He has for example done some of the work on Guild Expeditions and added some of the prices on the Antiques Dealer page. As a long term player he also has a lot of general ingame knowledge to share.

As a clear sign of his dedication to the wiki he is so far the only one who have managed to get the achievement FoE Hero for 365 days of continuous contributions. Miss a day, either by a simple mistake or another reason, and you’re forced to start over all the way from the beginning. I should know how much of an effort it is because I am the one who has come closest with the 200 days achievement.

FoE Hero.png

Sometimes Puer can come across a bit firm. But spend some time with him and it is easy to see that underneath it all there is a big warm hearth of a true British gentleman.

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